There are few things in professional wrestling quite like a custom championship. Whether it be Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Smoking Skull Championship or John Cena’s spinner belt, many have come to be known for the hardware around their waists as much as their in-ring prowess.

Now, some of Alberta’s Top Talent’s have a custom championship all of their own, and I’m here to tell you that yes, it’s as great as it sounds.

Earlier today, RCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Heavy Metal unveiled the highly-anticipated Top Talent Forever Championship, and folks, it’s as terrific as it sounds.

Seriously, check this thing out:

Photo: Heavy Metal @heavymetalwrestling

Just look at it, guys! The original Top Talent lineup consisting of Metal, Big Jess Youngblood and Dynamite Doll adorn the main portion of the title, with side plates depicting Scotley Crue and Christian Strife also featuring prominently on the championship. Of course, the outside plates showcase two of Top Talent’s hallmarks in “The Main Event” and “Over as F**k” slogans.

Replicas of the Top Talent Forever Championship are available for a nominal fee.

Albertan professional wrestling fans will be treated to the first live appearances of the Top Talent Forever Championship tomorrow night in Lethbridge, as Top Talent faces off with The Bad Seeds at Pure Power Wrestling’s Holiday Havoc event.

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