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On this week’s edition of Conversations With Love, Spencer chats with Albertan wrestling prodigy Son of Irish! In his first-ever one-on-one interview, tune in as S.O.I chats about his unique career in professional wrestling, including:

  • On starting pro wrestling training at eight years old
  • Taking on the moniker of Son of Irish
  • The importance of psychology in wrestling
  • Intergender and “hardcore” wrestling
  • Getting to share the ring with his favourite wrestlers
  • On never saying “I can’t”
  • His first shooting star press
  • If he’d rather wrestle against his Dad or with him.
  • Debuting as Mystic
  • If he’ll ever change his name
  • His end goal in professional wrestling

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Conversations With Love 47: A Conversation With Son of Irish

On when he started training:

“Well, growing up as a kid watching wrestling and watching WWE, my favourite wrestler was Battista and I wanted it to be like that and everything. Watching my dad grew up wrestling and everything was awesome and just the experience of getting in the ring three months old. I’ve just told stories and I’d never wanted to be out of the ring. I first started training when I was eight and man did that kill, it killed the body. But I kept pushing and pushing myself to get to where my father was at.”

“My first bump - I was actually eight, and I wasn’t training yet. My dad and Massive (Damage) actually showed me how to take it. I wasn’t getting it, and they’re like, ‘okay, just stand here, squat and jump backwards.’ So I did that and I started doing well and everything and all the flips and everything, believe it or not, my dad taught me those as well, because I did not know how to flip.”

Taking on the Irishman name:

“Oh, it meant so much to me, only because (of) where he is and where he stands to where I am. He’s been a heavyweight champion. He’s been a hardcore champion. I’ve never held a title. And I won’t say I’m a better champion than he is because I know that’s not true. I’ll never be there. Even if I make it to WWE, I’ll say that’s because of my father. He taught me everything I know, and all the respect and everything goes to him.”

On intergender and hardcore wrestling:

“I think it’s fair and people get mad at it for when a guy wrestles a girl and everything. But I mean, at the same time it’s wrestling, right? If you want to put yourself in this situation, it’s where you’re at, right? We’re professionals. It tells a storyline and builds up names for each other.”

“I say it’s more of where the story takes me and where my body develops and how the match makes sense and where it starts. I’ve never had a hardcore match. My first hardcore match was against Nite. Yeah. And another funny thing, I watched him growing up as I was getting older, went to my first show when I was three months old. I seen him, I was three talking to him, taking his head everywhere, and he still has it. Same one and everything.”

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Conversations With Love 47: A Conversation With Son of Irish

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