It’s the 2019 Backbreaker Media Awards!

Join your host Spencer Love and a group of distinguished panellists for the fifth-annual awards recognizing the best of the best in Albertan professional wrestling! For the first time ever, Albertan wrestling fans made their voices heard and voted in their picks for the awards. Over 250 ballots were cast, and now the WCSN reveals your picks for the 2019 BBM Awards!

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The 2019 Backbreaker Media Awards: Final Results Show

Show of the Year:
  1. PWA Night of Champions 2019 (53.76%)
  2. Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude (29.03%)
  3. Real Canadian Wrestling: From the Ashes/Monster Pro Wrestling Riptribution (6.45%)

Other Nominees: PPW Reach for the Sky, PWA Battle at the Dome

Breakout Star of the Year:
  1. Zoë Sager (25.81%)
  2. Michael Allen Richard Clark (24.73%)
  3. Jack Pride (12.90%)

Other Nominees: Son of Irish, Dylon Stone, “Nasty” Nate Nixon, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews, Cody Chimera, “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari, Kayla Jaye, Colton Kelly

Personality of the Year:
  1. Thaddeus Archer III (43.33%)
  2. Referee Ben Oomen (14.4%)
  3. Dr. Kyoto/Referee Michael “The Fitz” Fitzpatrick (6.45%)

Other Nominees: Kyle Shaw, Dirty Mike Jones, What About Ivan, Referee Charles Spencer, MPW Commissioner Jimmi Zero, Celia Fayte, Referee Houston Moore, Referee Kevin Faber

“Please Don’t Die” Award - Spot of the Year:
  1. Michael Richard Blais/Teddy Hart Canadian Destroyer (50.55%)
  2. Michael Richard Blais/”The Original” Marky Spanish Fly (25.27%)
  3. Jack Pride Balcony Dive (17.58%)

Other Nominees: Heavy Metal/The Slammer Table Spot, Colton Kelly/Aiden Adams Senton

WTF Moment of the Year:
  1. MPW Riptribution “Fans Bring the Weapons” Match (36.14%)
  2. KOTA (31.33%)
  3. Glove on a Pole (19.28%)

Other Nominees: What About Ivan announcing without a shirt, The Clandestine Society, PWA Christmas Slam Lego + Thumbtacks, Jason the Terrible, Mitch Clarke’s heel turn, Shawn Spears wins the PWA Commonwealth Title

Feud of the Year:
  1. Thaddeus Archer/Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Michael Richard Blais/The PWA (34.44%)
  2. Sheik Akbar Shabaz vs. Andy Anderson (16.67%)
  3. Mitch Clarke vs. Lumberjack Larry Woods (14.44%)

Other Nominees: Günnar vs. the Top Rope, The Neon Knights vs. Dirty Inc, Sydney Steele vs. Chris Perish, Heavy Metal vs. Brice “The Slammer” Sova, Kenn Stevens vs. Jumpin’ Josh, Vince Austin vs. Matt Hart, Pride vs. MRB, The Thickness vs. Colton Kelly

Tag Team of the Year:
  1. The League (Davey O’Doyle/Brayden Parsons) (28.89%)
  2. The Above Average Joes (Aiden Adams/Kenny Stryker) (24.44%)
  3. Neon Knights (Dylon Stone/Travis Cole/Jack Pride) (15.56%)

Other Nominees: Dirty Inc (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack), RichtorCade (Barricade/Dean Richtor), The Cat’s Meow (Kato/”Nasty” Nate Nixon), Top Talent (Big Jess Youngblood/Heavy Metal/Christian Strife), The Rugged Future (“Rugged” Rich King/Kid Cyrus), The Dad Bod Squad (Rick Jules/James Crowder), Millennial Rebels (Colton Kelly/Mo Jabari)

Female Wrestler of the Year:
  1. Zoë Sager (47.37%)
  2. Kayla Jaye/Envy (25.26%)
  3. Kat von Heez (9.47%)

Other Nominees: “The Bombshell” Angelica, “The Masterpiece of the East” Alix Zwicker, Taryn from Accounting, Kylie Morgan, Cherry Dahl, Sexy Samantha, Phoenix, Saraya Sawyer, Ms Lola Lodge

Male Wrestler of the Year:
  1. Michael Richard Blais (37.78%)
  2. Michael Allen Richard Clark (12.22%)
  3. Jack Pride (8.89%)

Other Nominees: Dylon Stone, Heavy Metal, Mitch Clarke, “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins, Shaun Moore, Big Jess Youngblood, “Nasty” Nate Nixon, “Headline” Shaun Martens, Colton Kelly, Sheik Akbar Shabaz, Chris Perish, “Hotshot” Danny Duggan, Kyle Sebastian, Sydney Steele, Lumberjack Larry Woods, Kenn Stevens, “Rugged” Rich King, Son of Irish, “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat

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