EDMONTON, AB: On Saturday, December 14th, Edmonton will play host to one of the most unique wrestling events in recent memory with an invite-only show featuring some of the best of the best of the Western Canadian wrestling scene.

The project, dubbed the Clandestine Society, has taken a unique approach to the promotion of a wrestling event. The promotion has been shrouded in a cloud of secrecy since a simple flash of their logo initially launching on social media post on October 27th. Since that point, the Society has sent out a variety of posts with its tagline of “No Companies. No Storylines. No Restrictions. Just Wrestling.”

“Running an invite-only show where the entire focus is on the online world, the wrestling community outside of your local market might sound insane, but I think it’s special,” commented Michael Richard Blais, a competitor at the recent Canadian WWE tryouts and one of the masterminds of the Clandestine Society itself. “The entire goal of this is simple. Bring eyes from around the world to what’s going on in Western Canada. There are some great wrestlers here, great fans and overall great people. So why not try something outside the box to show that to the entire world?”

Not only has Blais organized what’s sure to be one of the more unique events in Albertan wrestling history, but the show features a proverbial who’s who of Western Canadian Wrestling. Names such as Nicole Matthews, Artemis Spencer, Chris Perish and more are scheduled to be in the ring on Saturday night, with a multitude of Alberta’s finest right behind them.

However, it’s not simply the wrestlers themselves that have driven interest in the show through the roof, but the stipulations attached to them. Saturday is set to see (what we can only assume to be) the first-ever Dildo on a Pole match featuring Dylon Stone and Mike McSugar. An additional match on the card will see Jack Pride and Davey O’Doyle take part in an Imitation Game match, with both Pride and O’Doyle playing the parts of Chris Jericho and Batista, respectively. All-in-all, Albertan wrestling fans are set for an event like no other on Saturday night.

“We’re just a big group of driven, passionate people, calling ourselves The Clandestine Society trying to create a little bit of magic,” finished Blais. “Hopefully it works and the world tunes in to see it.”

Live streaming links for the show are available through the Clandestine Society’s official media provider, Backbreaker Media.

Match Card:
  • Michael Richard Blais vs. Brandon Van Danielson vs. Artemis Spencer
  • Nicole Matthews vs. Zoë Sager
  • The Above Average Joes vs. Cody Chimera & Chris Perish
  • Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Son of Irish
  • Imitation Game Match: Chris Jericho (as played by Jack Pride) vs. Batista (as played by Davey O’Doyle)
  • Dildo-on-a-Pole Match: Dylon Stone vs. Mike McSugar
  • Death Match: Colton Kelly vs. Sheik Akbar Shabaz vs. Evan Adams
  • The “This Is Not a Clusterf**k…This Is Just a Tribute” Battle Royal
Live Streaming Links:

Facebook Live: Backbreaker Media (WCSN)

YouTube: Backbreaker Media

Twitch: @BackbreakerMedia

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