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CWL is back, and Spencer’s kicking off 2020 with an exclusive interview with Michael Richard Blais! It was a remarkable year for God’s Gift to Wrestling; it was one that saw him debut in the United Kingdom, try out for WWE and mastermind one of the most unique shows in Albertan pro wrestling history. Now, get the inside scoop on all of it from the man himself!

  • His overall feelings on 2019
  • Making his debut in the United Kingdom
  • Working for the World Association of Wrestling
  • The differences between working a North American-style vs. working in the UK
  • Incorporating entertainment into professional wrestling
  • Stepping into the realm of training pro wrestlers
  • Trying out for WWE in August
  • Working over Summerslam weekend
  • The origins of the Clandestine Society show
  • His goals for the New Year

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Conversations With Love 48: A Conversation With Michael Richard Blais

On wrestling in the United Kingdom for the first time:

“I went out there in the middle of July and that was like, dude, that was like the craziest experience because I swear there were some days where we were wrestling two or three times a day. So, we would do two shows a day some days, and on those days, that would mean I was involved in six matches. Because usually I would open the show, get involved in the second match, then get put into a main event, like, tag match. So it was always like, it was just crazy and there’s like no downtime there and it’s amazing.”

“The summer months are very, very busy over in the UK and the thing over there is the holiday camps during the summer. So like, they would actually run, I believe W.A.W was doing five different crews a day, so they would run seven shows a day while I was there, and two of our crews would do two shows in the day. Yeah. So they’d have like six or seven guys on each crew basically, and I would end up doing, three or four matches for a show. It was just like (a) crazy experience wrestling every day, sometimes multiple times a day, setting up rings, travelling roads. Literally all you do is drive roads and wrestle. (You) sleep in a little - the holiday camps are like little trailers; like, think an Atco work trailer, but with a bed and a TV and a shower, and that’s pretty much what it was. Honestly, I wouldn’t like trade the experience for anything though weeks. It was so, so, so, so, so fun to actually do and just like be a straight-up living professional wrestler for like three weeks.”

Working for the Knights:

“Um, it was crazy. Saraya Knight washed my gear for me. She was so super nice and cool. Like, once they took a liking to me - like at first, and it’s like does anywhere, like I’m the same way with people - people have to earn your trust first. So once they took a liking to me, they were like the nicest people I’ve met; (well), some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s hard to say nicest I’ve ever met because I’ve met a lot of nice people, like some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. That Fighting with my Family movie, like how nice they come across in that when they’re showing how they treat other wrestlers and everything. Like, even that story in that movie about the blind kid, like all of that is true. That’s all 100% true. Like, I met the blind kid while I was there. It was just cool.”

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Conversations With Love 48: A Conversation With Michael Richard Blais

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