#10 - Sami Zayn

Prince Gill

Prince: Sami Zayn is one of the most underrated components of NXT ever. You’ve got his match with Cesaro, his awesome feud with Neville, and of course, the Dallas showdown with Nakamura. It was hard to watch him on the main roster, clearly pouring his heart and soul into every match and promo, only to be booked to lose against Aiden English in one minute.

His heel turn came at the right time as Zayn is now one of the major aspects of Smackdown and hopefully – for my sake – WWE starts giving him better matches and feuds to get his teeth into. NXT proved that he could do that better than almost everyone. Let’s where things go past Fastlane, but hopefully he is part of a major story-line heading into Wrestlemania.

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When a Promotion Isn’t a Promotion: NXT’s Greatest Disappointments
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Spencer Love

Once stood in front of Cedric Alexander in line at a hotel. Slightly big deal.

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