It was an epic week in wrestling over the last week of October; the staff at @WCSportsCA take a look at the week that was that saw some epic returns, an unlikely reunion, and sadly, Kalisto.

Spencer - @Spennylove

Best: This week’s episode of Raw may as well have been called Monday Night Return; with three big names returning on Monday’s flagship show – four if you include Bo Dallas – the red brand kicked off the week in style. With Nia Jax making her return after a month-long absence and Samoa Joe returning to the ring for the first time since SummerSlam, one would be excused for thinking that RAW gave everything away in the first hour. However, Braun Strowman returned at the end of the episode a mere two weeks after nearly being murdered by a garbage truck in what can only be described as epic.

I love wrestling.

Worst: It’s rare that the worst of the week comes before any wrestling; however my vote goes to both Emma’s release and Lio Rush’s response to it. While it’s bad enough that the WWE has the sense to release one of its most talented females, it’s even worse when a current talent is classless enough to comment on it. It’s been an auspicious debut for Rush; after losing in his debut (albeit looking competitive), he’s gained heat with management and talent across both the main and NXT roster. It’ll be interesting to see if the decision affects his booking in the coming weeks.

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Hayden - @Hlovemillionair

Best: Some people may hate it, but Kane’s recent booking. The Future Mayor of Knox County’s victory over Seth Rollins reaffirms the Big Red Machine’s place in the annals of WWE history as a dominant monster.

Worst: Anything that Kalisto is doing. Honestly, Kalisto blows. The luchador as drifted from a fantastic athlete and semi-interesting wrestler to a legitimate spot monkey who still botches his moves about 5-10% of the time.


Job badly done.

Pedritoo - @PedroDorantes98

Best: My vote is to a underrated Dolph Ziggler/Bobby Roode 2-out-of-3 falls match. Nice match, highlighted of course by Ziggler’s excellent selling. I also found the stipulation fresh since WWE doesn’t use it nearly enough.

Worst: Ugh, the Elias and Jason Jordan segment from Monday Night RAW. The whole idea of the musical performance in wrestling has run stale in this writer’s opinion, and especially with this pairing. They don’t seem to have that much chemistry together and the crowd doesn’t care all that much.


The Miz and I have similar reactions to Jason Jordan

Len - @Mr_Len

Best: A controversial pick, but the Shield teaming up with Triple HHH at a house show in Glasgow. While it was jarring to see the Game teaming up with two hated rivals, it was a great moment for the fans in attendance. It may be a slap in the face to continuity, but dammit, it was awesome.

Worst: Always disappointing to see a talent like Emma go, regardless of her best run being as part of a comedy pairing with Santino.

This Week in Wrestling - November 3rd
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