Monday Night Hayden: Predictions for 06/11/17 RAW

It’s been a moderately quiet week for WWE, but not for the wrestling world as a whole.

Triple H showing up at an ICW show, TNA holding the first Canadian edition of Bound for Glory, and Chris Jericho’s challenge to Kenny Omega being made official for WrestleKingdom have the wrestling world buzzing. But the true intrigue lies with this weeks edition’s of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown! Live. With only two shows to go until Survivor Series, RAW and Smackdown still have spots to fill on their respective (male and female) teams for the 5 on 5 elimination matches. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the landscape.

A Quick Recap
  • Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman added to RAW Men’s Survivor Series Team
  • Nia Jax, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman return
  • The Miz retains Intercontinental Title against Matt Hardy
  • KANE def. Seth Rollins
  • Jason Jordan destroys Elias’ guitar like an utter dick
  • Alexa Bliss retains RAW Women’s Championship over Mickie James
This Week’s Predictions

Heading into tonight’s RAW, each fan is asking themselves: Who is going to round out the RAW team?

For me, the picks were never in question. Balor, Joe, and Reigns. 3 of the strongest and most popular wrestlers in the business today. Who else could possibly replace them?

*Pyro hits*

These picks seemed surefire, but with Reigns’ recent affliction

      No, not the shirt, but I wish

It seems much less likely that he’ll be back on for the show. So who will fill the team out? In my mind, only 3 logical options exist:

  • Kane
  • Jason Jordan
  • The ghost of Earthquake

Kane and Jordan make the most sense, though I wouldn’t rule out the dark horse in Earthquake’s recently returned spirit. Jordan could be teaming up with his daddy for the first time, and Kane has serious beef with some serious beef. Both are logical choices.

On the women’s side of things, we have 3 spots open for their respective team. Nia Jax and Alicia Fox have claimed their spots, with 3 up for grabs. I anticipate 2 will be taken tonight, probably by Bayley and Sasha. As for the last spot, Asuka makes the most sense, though I wouldn’t count out Dana Brooke.

                   No sarcasm.

It remains to be seen if any other matches will be added to the card, so let’s focus on RAW this evening.

Elias v. Jason Jordan: Guitar on a Pole Match

Well… ok.

These two superstars have been going at it for the past few weeks; Jason Jordan throwing fruits and vegetables, and Elias hitting him with a guitar. Not very compelling, but still better storytelling than Dimebag Darrell’s feud with Nathan Gale. I’m guessing this is a swift victory for Jordan, who will finally have his revenge(?) on Elias. I’m more than ok with this being put to bed. It didn’t have much gas to begin with.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: The Shield (C) vs. The Bar

Another feud which, to me, is nearing its close. A lot of enjoyment has been had, and a number of great matches seen, but I’m looking forward to the Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series. I’m hoping for a decisive, feud ending victory for Ambrose and Rollins; however, I’m praying the Bar doesn’t take the titles from them for the sake of having two Europeans win in Europe. If so, my investment in the aforementioned Survivor Series match dissapates.

….and that about covers all that can be covered. What are you looking forward to, and what are you looking for from tonight’s episode of RAW? Leave a comment below!

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week! Don’t forget to tweet me at @Hlovemillionair

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