In a week that saw another menacing moment for Kane,  and the setup for a match between two of the greatest factions of all time, the staff at Win Column Sports was nearly unanimous in their selection as the top moment in the WWE. In This Week in Wrestling, we take a look at the week that was in the wrestling world.

Spencer - @SpennyLove

Best: The dark days of Jinder Mahal’s championship reign are over, and a phenomenal new hero has arisen.


It’s about damn time

While it remains to be seen whether the Maharajah claws his title back, it was a beautiful moment watching Styles lift the championship that he deserves. Since his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, he’s unquestionably been WWE’s MVP, and is the perfect person to be holding the title.

Worst: I’m baffled by the decision to include John Cena as part of the Smackdown Live men’s Surivor Series team; while it’s going to be cool to see the Face that Runs the Place mix it up with the likes of Balor, Joe and Strowman, he’s done absolutely nothing to warrant inclusion. Meanwhile, both Rusev and Aidan English – both who have been putting on MVP level preformances since joining forces – are both left to the side. In the case of the Bulgarian Brute especially, this is a travesty.

Soon, we’ll have a Rusev Day for the rest of us.

Hayden - @Hlovemillionair

Best:  AJ Styles once again showed how valuable of a talent he is. Taking the title from Mahal (a guy who beat Randy Orton, Nakamura, & Baron Corbin) just bolsters the win. His chances are looking good heading into Survivor Series.


What a wrestler

Worst: In this writer’s opinion, Jinder Mahal’s reign comes to a premature end. He was doing stellar work from beginning to end and provided this writer with some smiles & great memories. He had a hotter title reign than many people will admit, and I looked forward to his Champion vs. Champion match against Lesnar, and am extremely disappointed it won’t be happening.

Pedritoo - @PedroDorantes98

Best: AJ Styles winning the WWE Championship. Nice wrestling match, the style contrast between Styles and Mahal made for nice main event. Furthermore, it could set up a rematch in the future to make Jinder look even stronger.

Worst: Elias vs Jason Jordan in their Monday NIght Raw “Guitar on a Pole” match. Again, those guys have no chemistry in the ring. WWE keeps trying to shove Jordan down everybody’s throat; worse they’re making angles based on stipulations involving guitars and music which is bizarre in my opinion. Once again, the crowd doesn’t really care.

Len - @Mr_Len

Best: It’s so rare nowadays to see the WWE simultaneously handle two monsters correctly, but that’s exactly what WWE is doing with Braun Strowman and Kane. Strowman has arguably been the best thing to come out of last year’s brand split, and while Kane may be getting up there in age, he can still go in the ring. Forget that he’s 47, they’ve had him beat Finn Balor and Seth Rollins in recent weeks - that’s a monster.

You just have to accept that Kane isn’t nearing 50-years-old, that’s all.

Worst: So, you bring in the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne - the U.K. Champion - to beat Enzo but he needs outside distractions to get the win? This is how not to build him. It’s understood the ‘E is pushing Enzo and his upcoming match, but this is an example of biting one’s nose off to spite his face.

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This Week in Wrestling - November 10th
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