This week’s List of Spencer takes a look at a few major returns rumoured for next week, the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, and why John Cena on Smackdown is a bad decision. Check out more content from Spencer in Over the Top Rope!


As excited as I am for a potential New Day/Shield match, it’ll be interesting to see how they build it. With Roman Reigns returning on Monday, WWE will only have one week to sell a match between two of the most dominant factions in history. While sure to be an outstanding match, this one feels as rushed as their last “reunion”; it’ll take something bigger than losing the tag championships and a couple of tweets to make it credible.


Roman Reigns may not be the only big name coming back on Monday. Rumours are flying that Paige is set to return to Raw; could this be a set up to add the Anti-Diva to the women’s Survivor Series team?


God, I hope so.

Realistically, making Paige the fifth member of the team gives a chance to make another big splash on an already stacked PPV. In addition, adding Paige could lead to some genuinely needed character building for Bayley and start to rebuild what’s been a failed project on the main roster so far.


This may have the potential to be one of the greatest weeks in NXT’s history. A Thursday night house show features the return of Shawn Michaels to a WWE ring - albeit as a guest referee - as part of the Adam Cole/Drew McIntyre championship match(!!!!). I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that this won’t be shown on TV, but such is life. We’ll also get to see a McIntyre/Almas match the next night at Takeover: War Games as part of a highly-underrated feud.


Speaking of War Games - WAR GAMES!!!



I couldn’t be more excited that WWE has decided to bring back the War Games gimmick match; especially considering the factions involved it should be an especially great match. This seems like the perfect environment for the Undisputed Era to really make a statement after their debut nearly two months ago.


Does anyone else feel a heel turn coming on for Jason Jordan? With Survivor Series coming up, I feel like they should set him up to be a huge let down, and have him lay the blame on Kurt. The babyface, “illegitimate son” storyline hasn’t worked at all; maybe turning heel on an oft-injured, beloved superstar is exactly what the former American Alpha member needs.


AJ Styles is a WWE champion once again, and now looks to be staying champion for a while. Many fans were concerned that WWE would hot-shot the belt back to Jinder Mahal prior to their tour of India next month; however, that doesn’t look to be the case anymore after the Maharajah was called out by none other than Triple HHH.

While no guarantee by any means, I don’t see any way that WWE has The Game competing for the WWE title against Jinder Mahal, and hopefully with Mahal set on Trips, Styles can hold onto the belt for a little longer. I still think WWE is building towards a Styles/Nakamura title match at WrestleMania - why not start to build to it now?


If Saturday is the end of Aleister Black vs. the Velveteen Dream, then I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for a hell of a feud. I’ll admit that I had absolutely no interest in the Velveteen Dream when he first interrupted Black during an episode of NXT.

While Black has done his usual outstanding work, it’s the former Tough Enough contestant that’s been the MVP. While still looking green in the ring at times, he’s truly developed into one of the best character’s in WWE, regardless of roster. Hopefully they find a way to continue what’s been great work so far.


John Cena is on the Smackdown Live team, and I don’t understand it.

Look, I’ll never complain again about watching Cena in a WWE ring; it’s clear by this point that he’s a great in-ring worker, and has been completely unselfish in putting other wrestlers over as he winds down his in-ring career. That being said - you couldn’t find any better options for the Smackdown team than someone who last wrestled on RAW? You’re telling me that Rusev was less deserving than John Cena? Absolutely not.


I live for Rusev’s joy.

Give Rusev a chance, dammit.


Official predictions are coming on Saturday, but here’s a few quick hits before Survivor Series takes place on Sunday.

  • Bray Wyatt is going to cost a member of the RAW team an elimination.
  • Jason Jordan and Randy Orton are their teams respective first eliminations
  • Asuka eliminates EVERYONE

The most Perfect moment of the week? Jericho/Omega.

I’m still amazed this match is happening? Chris Jericho, my favourite wrestler, is going up against 2017 world wrestling MVP Kenny Omega at WrestleKingdom. It’s things like this that makes me wish I was smarter with money, because you’d better believe I’d be on the next flight to Japan to watch this. This is Jericho’s first match outside of WWE in 14 years, and 17 if you don’t count OVW as outside of WWE. Somewhere, a “This Is Awesome” chant has broken out.


This is quite possibly the coolest wrestling poster of all time, and we still have to wait two months.

It was always going to be hard to hold a candle to 2017 in terms of wrestling quality and big moments, but this certainly kicks off 2018 with a bang.

That’s out list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me at @SpennyLove or @WCSportsCA!

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