They did it again.

It seems as though every time the Prairie Wrestling Alliance returns to the NAIT Gymnasium, the promotion sets the bar higher and higher for wrestling events in Alberta. Last March saw their highly-acclaimed 18th Anniversary Show not only deliver one of the strongest front-to-back wrestling cards in recent memory but also receive some love from wrestling luminaries like Cody Rhodes, Will Ospreay and more. While the event set an incredibly high standard for the PWA to try to eclipse, they did so in spades on Saturday night. It was an event highlighted by a number of major appearances, including the highly-anticipated first-time-ever matchup between Michael Richard Blais and Teddy Hart in the evening’s main event. Night of Champions also played host to a PWA Commonwealth Championship match featuring Shaun Moore facing off with AEW star and former WWE wrestler Shawn Spears. With every championship on the line and over 700+ people in attendance, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance was well set up for what was advertised as one of the biggest nights in promotional history. Not only did they deliver, but they delivered in spades - now, get your recap on the WCSN!

PWA Canadian Tag Team Championship Submission Match: The League© (Brayden Parsons & Davey O’Doyle w/Kylie Morgan) vs. the Above Average Joes (Kenny Stryker & Aiden Adams w/Zoe Sager)

The Joes set the tone for the evening right off the bat with brand-new entrance music, coming out to You Got the Touch by Stan Bush. (If you are too young to know about it, go back and watch the Transformers Movie from 1986.)  The League had their own custom music, the Saskatchewan Roughriders fight song, much to the delight of WCSN owner Spencer Love.

Once entering the ring, the four were joined by Edmonton Commissioner Thaddeus Archer III, who not only ejected both Morgan and Sager from ringside but also made this submission match a tornado tag. All four competitors would be legal throughout the match. Both teams are more than eager to get going, and this match spills to the outside right away. With the Joes in charge, the action made its way to the bleachers, with Adams and O’Doyle going at it 10 rows up. However, O’Doyle was able to turn the tide, laying out Adams at the base of the stairs and allowing the League to focus their attack on Stryker in the ring.  There, the League focused on the left knee of Stryker. It appeared the League were about to finish off Stryker with tandem kneebars when Adams hit both Parsons and O’Doyle with a frog splash off the top rope.

Following his massive splash, Adams was a complete house of fire, attacking both members of the League, and sending O’Doyle to the outside. From there, Adams spectacularly rolled through into his Above Average version of the Rings of Saturn, but O’Doyle made the save before any tap out.  From there, Stryker was laid out on the outside, and the League focused on Adams’ back. However, Stryker was able to clear off the cobwebs after a brief recovery and surprised both members of the League with a double Blockbuster off the top rope. With Adams down, Stryker tried to do it on his own, setting up a deathlock on O’Doyle while gaining a sleeper on Parsons.  Unfortunately, however, Parsons jacked his jaw to break it up, and the League immediately went to work wearing out the Joes.

It appeared to be over when Parsons caught Stryker in a Boston Crab, and O’Doyle captured Adams in a sleeper trying to make the save.  Fortunately, however, the Joes managed to break out, and finally turn the tide for a final time. Parsons got caught in the ring with Stryker, who hits his inverted lungblower, followed up with a deathlock. As O’Doyle tries to make the save, Adams rolls him down into his Rings of Saturn, and both members of the League tap out.

Kenny Stryker claimed last month that the League would choose to lose the Tag Team Championships, and they did. Now, our champions are certainly Above Average.

PWA Mayhem Table Elimination Match – Reid Matthews© vs. Colton Kelly, Kenneth Anthony, Maxton Flexwell, Bobby Sharp, and Jeff Tyler

This match starts out with a bang, literally, with late addition Kenneth Anthony cracking Reid Matthews in the back of the head with the Mayhem Title, sending him crashing to the outside.  From there, the chaos just continued, including dives to the outside by Maxton Flexwell and a returning Jeff Tyler. Early on, Colton Kelly headed to the top and hit a massive senton on to everyone on the outside. As everyone was looking to recover, Anthony made a rare trip to the top and dove on all five other competitors. In the midst of the chaos, Flexwell and Bobby Sharp managed to get back to the ring first, and Flexwell attempts to dent the cranium of Sharp with an Impaler DDT. From there, Flexwell looked to introduce the first table into the match, heading to the outside as Sharp was left laying. However, Sharp was able to recover and cut off Flexwell from setting up the table; however, when Sharp goes to hit a Snake Eyes, Flexwell shifted his weight and caught Sharp in a reverse DDT. Flexwell set the table up, places Sharp on it, and goes to the top, looking to splash Sharp through the table. However, the Rebels have had time to recover, and both slammed Flexwell off the top rope, with the table flipped over. In an absolutely ruthless moment, Kelly took Flexwell to the ring apron and delivered a devastating piledriver from the apron to a table on the outside, eliminating Maxton Flexwell from the match.

Following a small moment of recovery for both Sharp and the Rebels, Jeff Tyler got back into the match, hitting consecutive Springboard splashes on all three competitors. However, the three soon turned the tide and ganged up on Tyler, only for Reid Matthews to re-enter the ring for the save. A cannonball splash to Kelly and a sick spear to Anthony had the crowd hopping.  However, as Matthews had Sharp up for a potential side slam, Kelly came in behind to deal a low blow. A 3-on-2 assault soon followed, including a Michinoku Driver by Sharp on Matthews.  Fortunately, Tyler was able to fight off Sharp, sending him to the outside and looking to take care of the Rebels all in one quick swoop. Tyler sets up a table, and placed Kelly on it; subsequently, Tyler placed Anthony on the top rope nearest the table. As Tyler is looking to Superplex Anthony onto Kelly, Dr. Kyoto grabbed the leg of Tyler, until a recovered Kelly cuts “the Skyflyer” off. With the tides changed, the Rebels looked to send Tyler through the table. While Tyler fought for his life, the Rebels effectively wore him down and looked poised to send the returning PWA star through the table.  However, “the Thickness” got underneath the Rebels, and with all his might sends both the Rebels and Tyler in a Tower of Doom through the tables. All three of the trio of Colton Kelly, Kenneth Anthony, and Jeff Tyler were eliminated.

With the match down to the reigning Champion Reid Matthews and the Adrian Adonis-haired Bobby Sharp, both men were able to see the gold at the end of the tunnel. After a quick table clean-up by the referees, both men were right back at it, unloading bomb after bomb on each other. Early, Matthews caught Sharp in a front suplex on the debris left in the ring. However, the veteran Sharp savvily reversed an attempt at a back Suplex with a low blow. Shortly after, Sharp headed to the outside to grab a table and swung the table at Matthew’s head multiple times. As the two battled, both men managed to get up on the apron, dangerously exchanging blows above a table. A missed right by Sharp was the moment of opportunity for Matthews, who turned it into a humongous Blue Thunder Bomb and sending Sharp crashing through the table below. Bobby Sharp is eliminated.

In his biggest challenge to date, the Thickness is proving to be one of the most dominant PWA Mayhem Champions ever!

Space Mountain (“Spaceman” Beri Grayson & The Titan) vs. Mephisto & Gabriel

While the previous match had pure violence, this match showed a lot of technical prowess by all four competitors early. “The Omen” Gabriel and “Spaceman” Beri Grayson got it started for their respective sides. Both men showed off great chain wrestling skill early, with Grayson gaining the advantage with a side headlock. However, the rookie became a little over-enthusiastic and allowed him to be taken to the corner by Gabriel. The Omen gained a momentary advantage, but Grayson turned the tide and sent him to the outside. Grayson then followed up with a suicide dive over the top rope, with a little assistance from his partner Titan holding the rope down. Once back inside the ring, the Mountain of a Man Titan was tagged in. Titan quickly fired up with two huge clotheslines, but missed a third and allowed Gabriel to tag in former PWA Champion Mephisto. As the PWA crowd erupted, both big men stared each other down in the centre of the ring before starting to trade right hands. The crowd explodes, legitimately split between the two teams. Each man attempted to charge at the other with shoulder tackles and clotheslines, however, each was unsuccessful. Eventually, Titan was able to get Mephisto off his feet, who tags in the Omen. However, he was immediately caught charging in by a huge Spinebuster by Titan. The Titan tagged in Grayson, and before leaving the ring Space Mountain hit a Hardy Boys-esque Poetry in Motion that sent the Omen to the outside. However, Grayson looks to hit another suicide dive to the outside but was cut off by the Omen before he could get airborne.  Not only did it temporarily stun Grayson, but it allowed the monstrous Mephisto to be tagged back into the match. Immediately, Mephisto began working over the back of the Spaceman, including hitting a spine-tingling side slam followed up by slingshot legdrop. Unfortunately, Mephisto was only able to score a two-count.

From that point, the team of Mephisto and the Omen took over. While Grayson tried to fight back, he was quickly caught in Gabriel’s patented trapped-arm headbutts following a tag in by the Omen. Shortly after, Gabriel and Mephisto hit a Gory Bomb/leg-drop combination, but again only received a two-count for their efforts. In a show of desperation, Grayson tried to hit a Whisper in the Wind, only to be crotched by Mephisto. With his opponent tied up in the tree of woe, Mephisto returned to his rule-breaking ways, a throwback to his time with John Lynx.  This got him in a bit of an argument with Omen, who didn’t appreciate the lack of a fair fight. After their brief scuffle, however, Mephisto got back to business, displaying his power with a delayed vertical Suplex. However, as the monster attempted to go back to the well a second time, Grayson was able to escape and get the hot tag into Titan. Finally, the former Millennial Rebel was able to hit the ring and took to it like a man possessed. Titan completely cleaned house and isolated the Omen in the centre of the ring. However, while the Titan was setting up for his patented Boss Man Slam, the bell rung with the time limit expiring.

In the confusion, it appeared that this match is going to be a draw as Commissioner Archer was occupied dealing with the League protesting their previous loss. However, PWA COO Kurt Sorochan came out and allowed the match to be restarted. However, the confusion allowed both Mephisto and Gabriel to recover, and remove Grayson from the match. With Titan isolated, Gabriel and Mephisto finish off the big man with a double chokeslam for the 1-2-3.

While veteran experience may have closed down Space Mountain on this night, it appears this feud is far from over.

PWA Women’s Title Match: Alix Zwicker vs. Kat Von Heez vs. Zoë Sager vs. Kylie Morgan

Saturday’s Night of Champions was always bound to be a historic event, but perhaps for no more reason than the crowning of the first PWA Women’s Champion in years.

The crowd was excited before the match even began, as all four competitors came out in brand-new gear for the occasion. Every woman in the match got a reaction, whether a long-time PWA favourite like Kat Von Heez or brand-new to the promotion like Alix Zwicker. It also saw a long-time feud between Kylie Morgan of the League and the Above Average Joes’ Zoë Sager come to a head, with the ultimate prize in the women’s division up for grabs.

The match started with Morgan and Zwicker trying to work over von Heez, to no avail. Kat established her dominance early, hitting both Snake Eyes on Zwicker and a Fall-Away Slam on Morgan. Sager tried to utilize a different approach, applying a leglock on Kat and attempting to use her in-ring savvy to outwit Von Heez’s advantage in brawn. However, Kat was able to escape the hold and attack Sager, sending her to the outside. With Kat occupied, Zwicker utilized the distraction and entered the ring, hitting a lungblower and sending Kat reeling. However, as Zwicker attempted going for a Tornado DDT, Von Heez shifted her weight and countered into a German Suplex. Kat went for the cover, but Kylie Morgan returned to the ring to break it up. Zwicker and Morgan again realigned themselves, ruthlessly beating Kat down in an attempt to subdue the giant. However, their momentum was halted quite quickly by Sager coming off the top rope with a double dropkick. Sager looked to continue the momentum on Kat but was caught off the ropes and shifted into a combination abdominal stretch/suplex by von Heez. Immediately after, a short clothesline to Zwicker almost took the debuting PWA star out of her boots. Finally, Kat caught Zoë attempting to head to the top rope and slams her to the mat, but only received a two-count for her efforts.

Despite the lack of victory, Kat continued her assault on Sager, locking her in a Sharpshooter. As Zwicker attempted to break it up, she was caught in a devastating Octopus lock by Morgan. Seemingly looking to one-up the less-experienced Morgan, Von Heez shifted her stance to add her trademark Muta Lock to the already-applied Sharpshooter, putting enormous pressure on Sager. Fortunately, Sager managed to reach the ropes, forcing Von Heez to break the hold. Zwicker, too, was able to force her way out of the Octopus; however, she wasn’t able to fully escape danger. While she was able to escape the hold, Zwicker was perched on the top rope by both Sager and Morgan, and the pair looked to team up into a double superplex. However, seemingly out of nowhere Kat appeared and turned it into a Tower of Doom. With all three of her foes incapacitated, Kat looks poised to win the title; unfortunately, at that moment out came her former cohort in Body Break, Bobby Sharp. Kat hits the Implant Buster on Morgan, leading to a three-count for Von Heez - that is, if it weren’t for Sharp distracting the referee.  Immediately, Kat and Bobby began to bicker on the outside. Unbeknownst to the pair, Zoë Sager made her way to the top rope and crashes down on Kat, knocking her out on the floor.  Sager gets back into the ring, only to be caught by Morgan. Kylie drops Sager’s face into her knee, the first half of her finisher called the “Unsubscribe”, but rather than going for the drop to finish it, Kylie taunts the crowd, mocking them as she holds Zoe by the hair. Unfortunately, it allowed Zwicker to not only break the move up but set up for her somersault DDT finisher. Out of nowhere, however, came Sager with a wicked clothesline. With Morgan still knocked out from the collision, Zoe hit Zwicker with her running Bulldog X-factor and pinned her for the 1-2-3.

Your new PWA Women’s Champion is Zoë Sager, with each member of the Above Average Joes holding gold. Well done by all four ladies, and well done Zoë Sager.

PWA Commonwealth Match – Shaun Moore© vs. Shawn Spears

PWA Commonwealth Champion Shaun Moore faced the toughest test of his title reign on Saturday night, facing off with AEW superstar Shawn Spears at Night of Champions.

After making his entrance, the Commonwealth champ entered ringside and demanded the microphone from ring announcer What About Ivan. Immediately, Moore declared that since he wasn’t scheduled for the main event, he wouldn’t defend his Commonwealth Championship tonight. Fortunately, those words brought out Shawn Spears to a thunderous pop. Soon after Spears makes his entrance, Commissioner Archer approached the ring and declared that the match would, in fact, be for the Commonwealth title.

With the title now on the line, things got serious in a hurry. Both men traded hold for hold in the early goings of the match; in each sequence, however, Spears gained the advantage over Moore. The fans absolutely ate it up, including the few brief comedy spots placed throughout the match. Spears stomped the hands of Moore, forcing Moore to do Spears’ patented “10” pose with his sore fingers. Finally, it seemed as though the Commonwealth Champion snapped, catching Spears coming in with two hot shots into the ropes. Moore continued to lay in the attack, only to get caught in the corner by Spears. A series of knife-edge chops not only lit up Moore, but the crowd as well. Moore reverses Spears on a whip to stop the momentum and lays out the newest AEW signee. Yet again, Moore displayed his agility, hitting a massive handstand elbow that led to a two count. He then attempted to ground Spears with an overhand wristlock, and as Spears looked to fight out of it, Moore caught him in a backdrop suplex. In an attempt to finish off his opponent, Moore headed to the top rope for a diving elbow; however, it only led to a two-count. Though he was unable to put away his opponent, Moore had seemingly found his mojo and tried to go to the top again. However, this time Spears intercepted Moore with a belly-to-belly throw from the top. The momentum from the throw sends Moore to the outside.

After gaining the advantage, Spears headed to the outside himself and took a bit of a water break. He ended up spitting the water in Moore’s face, along with slapping Moore all over ringside. It allowed Spears to toss the Commonwealth Champion back into the ring, only to slow things down going out the other side. Moore tried to catch Spears coming off the ropes, only to be caught with a huge spinebuster and a single-leg crab. Despite the obvious pain, Moore managed to make it to the ropes and force a break. Spears laid in another stiff shot, staggering Moore into the corner. This was followed up by a 10-punch spot in the corner. Moore tried to slide to the outside, but is cut off by Spears. Quickly, Moore snuck in a neckbreaker to gain the advantage. Moore tried to go for another handstand elbow, only to eat a superkick by Spears, who gained a two count. Spears puts Moore on the top rope. His attempts at hitting a superplex were thwarted twice by two right hands by Moore, who leapt off the top rope onto Spears. However, the momentum was used by Spears to roll through and almost get the pin, but Moore was too close to the ropes. Moore followed up with a Superman Punch, followed by a Backstabber, for a two count.  Frustrated, Moore looks to remove a turnbuckle cover, only to be caught by referee Michael Fitzpatrick.  After both men almost make contact with the referee, Moore pushes Spears into Fitzpatrick, knocking him down.

As confusion reigned, Moore looked to finish off Spears with his own finishing move, the Tye-Breaker. However, Spears managed to reverse it and hit a Tye-Breaker of his own. The champion was down and out, but with the referee unconscious as well, no one is there to make the pin. With Spears reeling after being robbed of a victory, Moore hit a massive kick, seemingly knocking Spears out. However, with the referee still unable to make a count, Moore went for a chair. In a move straight out of Eddie Guerrero’s playbook, Moore threw the chair to Spears and fell down, feigning injury. Spears, savvy to what is going on, shrewdly placed the chair around his neck and sunk to the mat near the ropes. Referee Fitzpatrick saw the smoking gun, and almost disqualified Moore. However, with the chair removed, Moore attempted to hit his trademark running knee. Fortunately, Spears dodged it and went for a second Tye-Breaker.  Moore gets out of it, looking to take Spears down in a sunset flip. However, Spears sits down on the attempt and, to the shock of the crowd, trapped Moore for the 1-2-3.

All Elite Wrestling’s newest signee is a PWA Champion, to the delight of the crowd in attendance. The 360+ day reign of Shaun Moore has come to an end in shocking fashion.

PWA Heavyweight Championship – Michael Allan Richard Clark (c) vs. Sheik Akbar Shabaz vs. Marky

The top title in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance was at stake on June 22nd as Michael Allen Richard Clark defended his championship against Sheik Akbar Shabaz and the PWA Original, Marky.

While both Sheik and Marky initially teamed against MARC, the crowd was split between the former champion and the PWA Original. The Sheik sent MARC to the outside and immediately followed the champion outside the squared circle. As his opponents battled outside the rink, Marky went high-risk for the first time in the match and attempted a suicide dive to the outside; however, the PWA Original was caught with an uppercut from Sheik Shabaz. In the confusion, MARC headed back inside the ring and hit a suicide dive of his own on Sheik. However, not to be outdone, Marky recovered to hit a stunning moonsault off the top rope both of his opponents on the outside. Finally, the action headed back into the ring, and Marky trapped the other two competitors in the corner for a 10-punch spot. However, unimpressed, the Sheik attacked both competitors, hitting Marky with a dropkick and MARC with a big boot. Shortly after, Marky was able to respond with a leg lariat. From there, it was the PWA Champion’s turn to deliver some offence, catching Marky with a massive press slam and taking the life out of the Original. However, despite Clark looking in control, Sheik Shabaz snuck in and delivered an Arabian Press to Clark.

The pace of the match to this point was, well, insane. As both Marky and Sheik are trying to compose themselves, MARC continued on the offensive, hitting a Bus-Cutter out of nowhere onto both competitors. However, rather than trying to cover either man and maintain his championship, he decides to mock them by doing push-ups on their prone bodies. After the exhibition, MARC headed to the back, returning shortly after with a set of resistance bands.  Savagely, he wrapped them around the neck of Marky and began to perform some bicep curls. With Clarke in full control, he looks to dish out more punishment to both men. However, as Clark attempted to slide back into the ring following a well-timed exit, he was met with a dropkick by the Sheik that kept the champion on the outside. Not one to be outdone, Marky got back into the action with a poetry-in-motion-type dive over the top to the outside. Shortly thereafter, the Sheik headed to the outside to follow up on Clark. While they are battling on the outside, Marky utilized the opportunity to head to the top rope, hitting a front flip from the high rent district onto both competitors.  Unfortunately, while Marky was able to get the Sheik back into the ring for a pinfall attempt, he was only able to score a two-count.

Unphased, Marky goes for his favourite running tornado bulldog, only to get shoved off by Sheik. However, Shabaz was unable to capitalize, as Clark caught him with a Falcon Arrow. Again, however, the manoeuvre was thwarted, as the PWA Original was able to nail Clark with the running bulldog. Going high risk yet again, Marky looked to be going for a leg drop, but was, unfortunately, cut off and crotched on the top rope. For the third time tonight, we see a tandem superplex from the top rope. While all three men looked exhausted, the trio had the PWA faithful on their feet, with the tension in the room palpable.

Both Clark and Sheik are the first to rise from the devastating superplex. As Clark looked to leapfrog a charging Sheik, however, the Sheik caught Clark on his shoulders and nails a Burning Hammer onto a still-prone Marky. Again, it only resulted in a two-count for Shabaz. Incensed, the Sheik hit his Arabian Press on Marky, which was soon followed by a Bus Cutter by Clark on Marky. Yet again, Sheik hits the Arabian Press on Clark, but the official was knocked down by Clark’s foot when it was in the air. With the referee out, Sheik decided to go for another Arabian Press. As Sheik lifted Clark up in the air, the mysterious helmeted man who cost Sheik the PWA Championship in April entered the ring and hit Sheik with a briefcase. As happened the last time this man entered the ring, he attempted to hit Sheik with a DDT. However, though, this time the Sheik was able to avoid the helmeted man’s attack and ripped off his motorcycle helmet only to reveal another mask underneath. Sheik chased the masked man out of the building, nearly nailing him with the briefcase with one hell of a throw.

While all this was going on, Clarke and Marky were finding their wind once again. Marky hits a standing blockbuster, only gets a two. Yet again, Marky attempted to go to the top rope but gets cut off by Clark, who hit a very impressive “Claudio-plex” into the ring, followed up by a Bus-cutter. Unfortunately, yet again Clark could only muster a two. The turn of events seemed to spark the PWA Original, and from that point on the tides were firmly in Marky’s favour. A massive dropkick followed up by a stunner left Marky reeling, however as Marky went for the top rope leg drop, Clark was able to muster the strength to stand. However, the PWA Original had the wherewithal to turn it into a tornado DDT, leaving the champ down once and for all. Marky goes up to the top rope, hits his leg drop, and gets the 1-2-3.

The 18-month journey back to the PWA Heavyweight Championship is complete for the PWA Original.

Western Canadian Dream Match: Michael Richard Blais vs. Teddy Hart

The match between Teddy Hart and God’s Gift to Wrestling Michael Richard Blais had been touted as one of the most anticipated matches in PWA history, and judging by the fire in the crowd, they were ready for some excitement.

As both men faced off, it was Teddy who looked to end it early, sinking in an early triangle hold, and quickly transitioning into a cross-armbreaker. While Blais was able to escape the hold, it was clear that Hart was feeling confident in the early goings of the match, jaw-jacking with the crowd at every opportunity. However, Blais quickly got up, and the two squared off again. Blais began to work the arm, but Hart reversed it, only for Blais to counter, hit a dropkick, and send Hart to the outside to regroup. While only seconds in, it seemed as though Blais was getting the early upper hand in chain wrestling.

As a gesture of good faith, Hart offered his hand to Blais in sportsmanship, but the crowd was having nothing to do with it. Immediately, Hart caught Blais in a headlock. Shortly after, Blais was whipped off the ropes and Hart snapped off a massive powerslam. Quicker than you could blink, however, Blais was back up, hitting a charging Hart with a standing Spanish Fly. In response, however, Hart caught Blais with a kick and hit a Code Red off the back of MRB for a two-count of his own. With Blais in the corner, Hart tried to charge in, only to be cut off twice. Blais then whipped Hart towards the corner, but as Hart tried to flip over a charging Blais, MRB caught Hart’s legs, tossed them up and superkicked Hart right in the jaw. A series of uppercuts from Blais to Hart followed, but as MRB looked to lay in a devastating German Suplex to Hart, the MLW star reversed it into a series of victory rolls. Eventually, with Hart and Blais back on their feet, both men attempted to work the back, which led to Blais finally hitting Hart with a German Suplex. As Hart struggled to get up, Blais unloaded his vintage arsenal of kicks and a series of massive chops to his opponent, but as he went goes for a Superkick, Hart caught his foot and executed a dragon screw leg whip into a kneebar. Fortunately, Blais got to the ropes, but Hart refused to release the hold until MRB kicked his way out with his free leg.

At a stalemate, both men faced off once again. Pie-faces and slaps led to a right hand by Blais, followed by a superkick.  Hart utilized the opportunity to roll to the apron and decide to play a few mind games. He goaded Blais to join him on the outside, and as MRB headed through the ropes, Hart kicks the rope into Blais’ crotch.

From there, Hart took control on the outside. After hitting a thundering snap Suplex on the floor, Hart brought the first ladder into the matchup. Within seconds, Hart had sent MRB onto the ladder with yet another Suplex. With his opponent incapacitated, Hart found a chair and laid out Blais with numerous chair shots. Looking to complete the weapons trifecta, Hart begins to explore for a table, but this allows Blais time to recover. In a brief flurry of offence, both men traded blows back and forth, but Hart again got the advantage and suplexed Blais on the floor. Finally, Hart set up the table on the outside, and looked to finish Blais off once and for all. However, God’s Gift to Wrestling fought back, shoving Hart into the corner and following up with laying Hart out with the chair. Blais then looked to bring a ladder over to the area of Hart, but was cut off and placed on the ladder. Hart then hit a springboard moonsault onto Blais on the ladder on the floor, and the crowd absolutely erupts.

It appeared, though, that Hart wasn’t done with the chaos, as he began to lead Blais into the crowd near the balcony seating. While it was difficult to see what is going on with the massive sea of people in the NAIT Gymnasium, seemingly out of nowhere, Blais had gained the advantage. Hellbent on revenge, Blais grabbed the ladder brought out earlier, brought it into the crowd, and returned the favour to Hart, hitting him with a Suplex on the ladder.

From there, Blais was an absolute house on fire. hitting a Brainbuster on Hart in the balcony seats. Immediately, Blais heads to the other side of the arena and picks up another ladder, only slowing down to bring Hart back in the ring. Blais attempted to suplex Hart over the top rope onto a table on the arena floor. However, the Hart Foundation member countered the attack, and with the chair left in the ring earlier, Hart spiked Blais with a draping piledriver on the chair, followed by a draping DDT. Hart sprung up to the top rope to hit a moonsault, but as had been the story thus far, only received a two-count for his efforts. Obviously perturbed, Hart continued the onslaught to the ring apron, setting up for a Code Red on the apron. Thankfully, Blais reversed the devastating manoeuvre and makes him eat a superkick/apron DDT combination, finishing it all off with a brutal Tombstone Piledriver to the apron. As Hart reeled, Blais made his way to set up the ladder in the ring. Following a small comeback by Hart, Blais was finally able to keep him down to hit a 450 splash from the top rope, but - you guessed it - only gets a two-count. Enraged, Blais called for the Brainbuster, but Hart escaped to dish out a Straightjacket backstabber into a Powerbomb-type backstabber. He then followed this up with a Gory Special into an Alabama Slam type throw. Blais gets up, only to be met with right hands and a vicious uppercut. Hart sets Blais on the top rope. From there, Hart tries to hit a Super-Frankensteiner, but Blais rolled with it and slid perfectly into a sharpshooter. However, Hart made it to the ropes, and unlike earlier, Blais broke the hold. As Hart rose to his feet, he hit a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere, but freakishly, Blais rolled through again and hit a superkick before both men went down in a heap

As both men got back up, Blais hit his Brainbuster on Hart, but again was unable to put his opponent away. Blais looked to follow up by going to the top rope, but Hart caught him with a chairshot. Shockingly, both Hart and Blais headed to the top rope, with Hart nailing Blais with a Super-Canadian Destroyer from the high rent district, but somehow, someway only gets a two!!! Hart was shocked… the crowd was shocked… hell, I was shocked.

During the confusion, Blais rolled to the outside, with Hart not far behind. Looking to keep control, the referees got involved in the match, only to be shoved by Hart. Hart goes to the top and spikes Blais with a huge DDT.  Ted goes back up, but a fan distraction allowed Blais to get an upkick in, stunning Hart.  From there, Blais took Hart for a ride with a Spanish Fly, but could only muster a two.

From there, the shot around the world began to unfold. Blais brought both ladders into the ring, one at a time. As Blais set up the larger ladder up, he laid the smaller ladder in the corner.  Blais placed Hart on his shoulders and forced Hart up onto the ladder, imploring him to climb to his impending doom. As Hart sits startled, Blais grabs a table and places it on top of the ladder.  Blais returns to Hart on top of the ladder, but by this point, enough time had passed for Hart to recover. As both men battled on top of the ladder, the PWA audience made their way to the edges of their seats. Unfortunately for the hometown hero, Hart eventually gained the advantage over MRB, and seconds later, the pair had come crashing down from the sky and created absolute cacophony, with Hart nailing Blais with a shocking Canadian Destroyer from twenty feet up. With Blais is knocked out, Hart finally was able to secure a cover and pin Blais for the win.

Following the match, Hart hops on the mic. In his opinion, he states, Michael Richard Blais may be the best wrestler to not only come out of his training school but the Hart Family Dungeon as well. From there, Hart offered to come back again to take on one of the world’s best. In response, PWA COO Kurt Sorochan suggested that Hart bring another PWA Alumni and one of the world’s best, Davey Boy Smith Jr, to take on Michael Richard Blais and Brandon Van Danielson, the Western Lions.  The fans go nuts, and the show closed with the pair exchanging a handshake.

Mike’s Take:

Once again the Prairie Wrestling Alliance knocks one out of the park. Night of Champions is always a highlight show of the year, and this will be no different.

My only worry was the buildup to the show. As a fan of the PWA for the past 6 years, I knew this would be a good card, simply by knowing a lot of the talent on the roster.  However, I did not know anything about the Hart/Blais background outside of MRB’s promos, so I doubt the casual fan would know either.  Having an emotionally invested crowd, by knowing more about the people in the show, could have turned a 700 person crowd to a 900.  Kudos to PWA for having the largest crowds of the year in Alberta so far, I just believe cards like these should have sold out houses, not just 3/4.

However, despite that, the talent took it to another level here tonight. From the opening submission match to the main event, each person on that roster brought it. If I had to pick one person in particular from this card who stepped up big time, it would have to go to new PWA Women’s Champion Zoë Sager. From her inaugural battles with Kat Von Heez where she was dominated and thrown around to Saturday’s show, there was a whole new level of confidence I saw in her that I have not seen before. All four women stepped it up when they had the spotlight, and Zoë proved she could be a leader of this division.

This card may be remembered for one particular spot - which my Twitter can attest to - but it should be remembered for being one of the best cards the PWA has presented this year.

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The Prairie Wrestling Alliance is now on their July break.  They return with shows coming up August 10 in Calgary, and August 24 in Edmonton.  Details can be found in .  If you want to check this show out, or any other shows from the PWA, check out their Video on Demand Service at

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Once stood in front of Cedric Alexander in line at a hotel. Slightly big deal.

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