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Yes, it’s been just over a week-and-a-half since the Prairie Wrestling Alliance hosted Fright Night at the Northgate Lions Centre in Edmonton, making this recap obscenely late by any standard. Sometimes, life gets in the way and illnesses occur, preventing any sort of meaningful work being done. On the other hand, it could be as simple as that time was needed to truly digest the events of PWA Fright Night, the promotion’s most recent show in Alberta’s capital. Championships changed hands, blood was spilt, and battle lines were drawn at the penultimate showing from the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. Overall, Saturday, October 26th was a hell of a show, which by this point should be expected when speaking of the province’s longest-running promotion.

Of course, before we kick off this recap, the entire promotion should be both recognized and commended for their tribute to long-time fan Kay Johansen, who passed away prior to last Saturday’s event. It goes without saying, but it’s pretty incredible to see the impact that not only professional wrestling, but a specific promotion can have on someone.

Now - let’s recap!

Quick Results:
  1. PWA Tag Team Championship Rumble Match: The League def. The Above Average Joes©Space Mountain, The Nightmares and Mo Jabari/Maxton Flexwell
  2. PWA Women’s Championship Match: Zoë Sager© def. Kylie Morgan, Alix Zwicker
  3. Ms Lola Lodge def. Kat Von Heez
  4. Jack Pride def. Michael Richard Blais
  5. Andy Anderson def. Sheik Akbar Shabaz
  6. PWA Heavyweight Championship Match: Michael Allen Richard Clark© def. Colton Kelly, Brandon Van Danielson
The Headline:
The Man of Two Minds Stands Alone

There’s no one in Alberta quite like Jack Pride. Last Saturday, he proved it.

After shockingly making his debut at the end of Fall Fever last month, Fright Night saw Pride set to step inside of a PWA ring for the very first time and officially renew his rivalry with Michael Richard BlaisSince first facing off on January 11th in Radway, Alberta, Pride and Blais have engaged in a rivalry for the ages in Albertan indie wrestling, with the pair putting on a series of classic matches throughout the past few months. Their encounter at Fright Night was no different; both Blais and Pride more than proved why they’re regarded as two of the premier talents in Alberta. The pair had the capacity crowd at the Northgate Lions Centre on the edges of their seats, whether it be due to Blais aerial acrobatics or Pride’s incredible ability to not only match MRB’s best, but one-up him at points. A collective gasp emanated through the crowd when Pride handed Blais a rare clean loss, solidifying his spot as one of the top guys in the PWA.

Following the match, Blais grabbed the microphone and praised Pride’s abilities in the ring. However, more importantly, he pleased with Pride to join his side for, in his words, “the war for our PWA” in response to Thaddeus Archer III‘s reign as commissioner. While initially receptive, Pride walked out of the ring without any commitment to any side.

Following the evening’s main event - more on that later - the Millennial Rebels began an assault on Brandon Van Danielson of the Western Lions. Though Blais was able to make the save and fend off the Rebels for a short while, Michael Allen Richard Clark came to the aid of Colton Kelly and Mo Jabari, commencing a three-on-two beatdown on the Lions. Fortunately, at the last minute, Pride re-entered the ringside area and hit his finisher on anyone and everyone who stood in his way. After initially shaking Blais’ hand, Pride rescinded it and grabbed the PWA title, solidifying his position as a lone wolf for the time being.

It’s clear that Pride will be a difference-maker for whatever side he chooses in the war for the PWA - it all comes down to who, if anyone, he actually joins.

The Good Stuff:
The League Become Two-Time Champs

Saturday evening’s affair kicked off with the PWA tag team titles on the line and ended with a brand-new set of champions.

Yes, the team of Brayden Parsons and Davey O’Doyle are now in the history books as two-time PWA Tag Team Champions following their victory at Fright Night, and frankly, this fan couldn’t be more excited. Yes, it means that the reign of the Above Average Joes is sadly over - well, was over - but in my humble opinion, there are few more entertaining teams in Western Canada than the League. Both O’Doyle and Parsons are as charismatic as they come, and both are more than able to back up their banter in the ring. That was more than evident on October 26th. The duo was fortunate enough to draw the final entry into the evening’s Rumble, but their championship victory was much more than simply the luck of the draw. Parsons and O’Doyle completely ran roughshod over each entrant still left in the match, finally eliminating Kenny Stryker to become two-time champions.

Though the duo’s seven-day reign may have ended at Saturday’s Battle in the Dome in Calgary, the League accomplished more in their week as champions than most teams achieve in a lifetime. This writer salutes you, sirs.

Full story on the WCSN.

Ms Lola Lodge Makes PWA Debut

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Bobby Sharp and Kat Von Heez. Since both Sharp and now-PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark turned their backs on Von Heez at March’s 18th-Anniversary Show, the German Powerhouse has been dogged in her pursuit in revenge against Sharp. Heading into Fright Night, Sharp had promised that he had an ace up his sleeve in a secret protege and that she would debut at the October event in a match against Von Heez. While many speculated who the talent in question may be, no one was certain who would make their way through the curtain on October 26th. However, we were quick to find out at Fright Night, as Ms Lola Lodge made her way through the curtain for her PWA debut.

Now, for those who were in attendance, I’m about to blow your minds - Ms Lola Lodge was, in fact, Bobby Sharp himself in disguise. It’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference, as Sharp looked, well, gorgeous in full outfit, and this writer wouldn’t blame you for not having been able to tell the difference.

That same statement holds true for the entirety of the wrestling match. Though obviously Sharp - ‘er, Lodge - had some wardrobe issues throughout the tilt, there’s no mistaking his in-ring ability even at the worst of times. However, even despite the hilarity of the event, Von Heez kept her composure throughout, dominating Sharp for the majority of the match. Unfortunately, despite her dominance, Von Heez was unable to come away with a victory on Saturday night, falling victim to a massive frog splash following, well, a distraction due to Lola Lodge’s wig falling off.

God, friends, I love professional wrestling.

Kato, Thickness Renew Rivalry

At October 19th’s Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews and Kato stepped inside the ring together for the first time ever. Ostensibly, the pair either must have thoroughly enjoyed their matchup together or had some bad blood to settle, as they battled it out once again at Fright Night. This time, however, the PWA Mayhem Championship was on the line in a chairs match, adding some extra stakes to what marked Kato’s PWA debut.

As those who attended The Prelude could attest to, you won’t find many individuals that hit harder than either the Thickness or Kato. The same held true on October 26th. Saturday’s battle was a brutal affair, with neither Kato nor Matthews willing to concede an inch to their opponent in pursuit of the Mayhem Championship. The chairs stipulation was utilized early and often, with the duo absolutely ruthless in their assaults on the other. The two have outstanding in-ring chemistry, with both men deceptively quick given their considerable sizes.

In the end, it was Matthews who was again victorious, hitting a massive Blue Thunder Bomb to Kato through a set of chairs and bringing his record to 2-0 in his burgeoning feud with the Asian Assassin. Would anyone be upset with another match between the two? Frankly, how could you be?

All the Rest:
Two Titles, Two Triple Threats

Both the PWA Heavyweight Championship and the PWA Women’s title were defended in triple-threat matchups at Fright Night, and both were successfully retained by their respective champions.

That’s not to say that any of Colton Kelly, Brandon Van Danielson, Alix Zwicker or Kylie Morgan didn’t make their respective battles nail-biting contests; it’s simply a commentary on how good the current PWA titleholders truly are. Both Zoë Sager and Michael Allen Richard Clark represent the apex of Albertan wrestling, and not simply because they’re currently holding two of the most prestigious titles in the province. Each is an excellent wrestler, and both for incredibly similar reasons; Sager and Clark both feature a unique blend of power and technical wrestling ability that few in Western Canada, nonetheless the province can match. Both exhibited it in spades at Fright Night, though their respective paths to victory were quite different. Sager’s victory came clean as a whistle, pinning Zwicker following an errant kick from Kylie Morgan. Clark, however, had to rely on a bit of chicanery, pinning Colton Kelly as Kelly’s fellow Millennial Rebel Mo Jabari kept BVD at bay. Regardless of how the wins were collected, both of the PWA’s top champions remain after Fright Night.

Anderson, Shabaz Renew Bad Blood (and lots of it)

Though it may have been his first PWA match in over a year, former PWA Commissioner Andy Anderson looked every bit the star he is. The Canadian Legend looked excellent in his return to the ring, utilizing his trademark combination of brute strength and pure viciousness to not only earn a victory over Sheik Shabaz but absolutely brutalizing him in the process. It’s rare to see the Shiek shaken up at all, let alone in the condition he was in following Saturday’s match. Now, the two will face off at Christmas Slam with Shabaz’s PWA career on the line. Colour me excited!

Spencer’s Three-Count:
  • Though I can’t be sure of his official PWA status, in this writer’s opinion, Kato marks a welcome addition to the promotion’s roster. He’s perhaps one of the most underrated performers in the Albertan professional wrestling scene, and if his tilts with the Thickness are any indication, the best may be yet to come for the former Cat’s Meow member.
  • Mark my words, folks: Zoē Sager is going to wrestle for the company of her choice one day. She’s simply too talented not to. Seriously, folks - we have a star on our hands.
  • The League has the best merchandise in the game right now, bar none.
Next Up:

The Prairie Wrestling Alliance is next in action on November 16th for PWA Rememberance in Calgary.

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