RADWAY, AB - A true Alberta dream match is set to take place on January 11th in Radway, as CWC Alberta Champion and RCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Pride will take on “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais.

In a special announcement made by Backbreaker Media’s Mike “the Ref” Malowany, the match was confirmed for wrestling’s return to Radway. RCW’s New Year’s Rampage marks the first show in the town in 31 years, and as Malowany said, “I’m going to bring a blockbuster with me.”

“If anyone’s going to book a show in MY town, I’m going to be involved.”

It was also confirmed that Malowany would be the special guest host for the evening’s affairs.

It’s perhaps the toughest challenge that Pride has faced thus far. After an MVP-level 2018, it can perhaps be said that there’s no hotter independent wrestler in Alberta than the #ChampChamp; with championships held between two different promotions, it’s tough to argue that Pride hasn’t been on top of his game over the past 12 months. Alongside Envy, the two have established themselves as dominant forces in the scene today.

However, it’s hard to call Michael Richard Blais anything less than a Canadian wrestling legend. There’s a reason Blais is nicknamed “Gods Gift to Wrestling”; the former PWA Champion has been one of the most dominant wrestlers in Alberta over his 13-year career, essentially acting as the “final boss” for a majority of independent talent in the province. Not many have succeeded in defeating the man known as MRB, but at this point in time, it’s almost impossible to bet against Pride.

Will Pride usurp the power balance in Alberta wrestling? Or will MRB establish once again why he’s Gods Gift to Wrestling?

There’s only one way to find out - pick up your tickets for January 11th’s New Years Rampage in Radway, AB! Tickets can be purchased through any RCW wrestler.

Visit Backbreaker Media for the full announcement.

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