It’s finally here.

It’s been talked about ever since Rogers Place has opened its doors: when will Edmonton get to host the World Juniors? We now know they will, they’ll make it official tomorrow at the time of writing. Edmonton and Red Deer will co-host the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships.

In my opinion, the World Junior Championships are the best hockey event every year. Every year with my family we huddle up around the TV with the fireplace going and some drinks flowing to watch Canada open up the tournament on Boxing Day. That tradition will end in 2021 for me because I’ll 100% be attending every game of this event.

The last time the World Juniors came into Edmonton, they were playing second fiddle to Calgary as the medal round games were held in the Saddledome. This time, however, Red Deer will be the co-host of the event as they’ll more than likely host one of the groups as well as the relegation games.

More information will come with the announcement we’re sure of it, but for now, all we know is Edmonton will be hosting in 2021 alongside Red Deer and more than likely the medal games will be held within Edmonton. It’ll be interesting to see if they use the Ice District Community Rink for any of the relegation games, as it was used for the Hlinka-Gretzky cup earlier in the year.

International hockey is finally coming back to Edmonton and I couldn’t be more excited. Canada always ices a competitive team despite other countries such as Russia, USA, Sweden, and Finland all getting better at the U20 level.

Will we see Canada raise the cup and collect gold in Edmonton? Only time will tell as we wait for 2021.

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