EDMONTON, AB: Just when you think they’re finished, Force Pro Wrestling gives you just a little bit more.

Two more matches were confirmed for Friday’s Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip, rounding out the card for the first 18+ event in the promotion’s history. The pair of matches join the previously-announced battles that will see Michael Richard Blais face Kayla JayeJack Pride take on Zoë Sager, and Colton Kelly battling Aiden Adams in a rematch from October 18th’s The Prelude.

The first confirmed matchup will see “The Thickness” Reid Matthews facing off with Space Mountain star “Spaceman” Beri Grayson in singles action.

“Reid Mathews! Thickness! I like you - I even respect you!” commented Grayson to the WCSN. “(In) my early days you had my back and we fought side by side a few times. But now I’m looking to make a name for my self! This Friday at Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip, I’ll do just that when I beat the King of Thick Style! FLY WITH ME!”

Force Pro Wrestling also confirmed that Shiek Akbar Shabaz will take on “The Asian Assassin” Kato for the first time ever at Just the Tip. Despite the long-winding history between the two, Friday’s matchup marks the first time the duo will square off in singles action.

“Kato and I trained together and became friends,” remarked Shabaz. “He was always enjoyable to be around. We went our separate ways (in) chasing our dreams. It’s a shame what I’ll have to do to him this Friday at Force Pro. But I’m here for the money: I have enough friends.”

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip are currently available through any Force Pro roster member or across any of the promotion’s social media channels.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for the latest updates on Force Pro Wrestling.

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