This week in FCA we discuss what the future holds for former WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, better know as Dolph Ziggler finds himself in the middle of a crossroad. It is no secret that his WWE contract is due to expire in October of next year. Until now, there has not been any talks of a contract extension. This begs the questions: Should Dolph Ziggler step away from WWE? The man who went from World Champion to a glorified jobber now finds himself in the same position as countless others. Lately, the former Mr. Money in the Bank can be seen mocking other superstars as The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. Ironically, one of the most talented wrestlers on WWE’s roster for the last 8 or so years is now tasked making other young talent look much better than him. Now Ziggler is in a position to explore a whole new world.


His Current Situation

As mentioned before, the owner of the Zig Zag has one year remaining on his contract. All throughout his career, he has been pushed countless times. Nevertheless, he does not seem to be such a great fit for Vince McMahon, as the straps have been removed from him just as if they were a pair of socks. Despite this, last time he was involved in a championship feud, both him and The Miz put up a great show fighting for the Intercontinental championship. Another push seems unlikely for now, since he was left out of the SmackDown Survivor Series team last week. Also last week, in a seemingly out of kayfabe response to an interview, Ziggler stated he had to “Rethink this career“. It is clear that “DZ” is thinking of flying the nest.

Plenty Of Options

There’s more than just WWE. Plenty of other companies have made a living of recruiting underused WWE talent. Wade Barrett, John Morrison and Alberto Del Rio are prime examples of this. While a place at Lucha Underground, Ring Of Honor or, WCPW ain’t as flashy, a move would offer him a shot of being actually pushed thanks to its talent instead of looks. More importantly, just like many others he could eventually land himself again on WWE.

Best For Business

Ziggler seems ready to leave. He has plenty of options, including retirement. Regardless of his choice, he will at least have control over his career - something he hasn’t have for the last couple of years. As for WWE, they will sooner or later realize what they left go. Only then, Vince McMahon’s son-in-law will make a phone call to open talks for a possible return to “The Big Leagues”. Ziggler is another proof that looks are still much more important than talent for the boys over at Connecticut.

Cage Side Seats

As for now, the future remains uncertain for Dolph Ziggler… at least on paper.

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Is It Time To Move On For Dolph Ziggler?
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