In the National Hockey League today, you have a set starting goaltender, and a set back-up goaltender. Should the starter need a break, either forced or chosen, or the starter be injured, the back-up goaltender will step in.

However, there a select few teams that are able to pull off the “tandem goalie style.” This is when both goalies, as much as they can, attempt to get the same amount of playing time in one season, and also split the playoffs.

The only downside to this is that both goalies are “average” goalies. An average goalie could be described as an older, experienced goalie who was never at the top of his game, nor was he ever at the bottom. This is compared to a team who has a designed starter and back-up; one goalie who excels and one who is still working on his game.

But, there are some tandems that have the starter and back-up, which are just as productive, even when the back-up goes in the crease. Some of which, may not survive after the post-season this year.

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Tandem Goalies: The Select Few

Ben Grieco

Ben Grieco is a High School Senior looking to get his name out there. He is attending SUNY Oswego next year to major in journalism. He loves to write about hockey, and is a die-hard fan of the Syracuse Crunch and Tampa Bay Lightning. This love for hockey makes him want to play it someday, but he can't skate.

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