Shows were announced, championships changed hands and a number of Alberta’s top stars will be making their way west this weekend. All that and more in today’s edition of Last Week in Alberta Wrestling!

The Headlines:

CWE Announce Alberta Dates, Special Guest
  • The Canadian Wrestling Elite have announced their next set of Alberta dates, as well as announcing the first special guest for the shows. The CWE will make appearances throughout Alberta on August 14th (Grande Prairie), 15th (Edmonton), 16th (Cochrane) and 17th (Medicine Hat). The promotion also confirmed their first special guest for the shows, confirming that former WWF and NWA wrestler the Warlord will join the tour for their Alberta dates. The Warlord, best known for his run with the Barbarian as the Powers of Pain, is a former NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champion as well as credited by none other than Batista as his all-time favourite wrestler. Tickets for the upcoming CWE shows are available at
Title Changes, 2nd Show Highlight MPW Edmonton Show
Mike Malowany |
Nasty Nate Nixon and Mitch Clarke lock up to kick off their match on June 01 | June 01, 2020
  • Saturday was a big night for Monster Pro Wrestling as the promotion looked to continue to build on a stellar debut in Lloydminster the week prior. Not only did the evening see both the MPW Tag Team Championships and the Ripper Challenge Championship change hands - congratulations to the Cat’s Meow and Massive Damage - but the promotion also made a major announcement in the form of a second confirmed show each month. The first will take place in Edmonton on June 14th at the Blue Quill Community League, with tickets available from any MPW star. A full recap of Saturday’s show can be found here.
Sydney Steele, Kenn Stevens Set to Debut for Thrash Wrestling

  • Last week it was confirmed that Angelica would be making her way to Thrash Wrestling on June 7th and 8th; now, it can be confirmed that both Sydney Steele and Kenn Stevens will join “the Bombshell” in heading to BC for the weekend. Both Steele and Stevens will be heading to BC with something to prove; Steele is looking to rebound after a tough loss at PPW’s last show, and Stevens is looking to establish himself after recently revealing himself as the Killer Bee during a match with Cyanide.
Tag Team Fatal Four-Way Announced for RCW Summer Breakout
Real Canadian Wrestling
  • Four of the top tag teams in the province will face off with the RCW Tag Team Championships on the line on Saturday night. Bradley Graham and Sexy Steve Rivers will defend their championships against Top Talent (Heavy Metal/Big Jess Youngblood), tagSTRUGGLE (Chris Perish/Meniac) and Dirty, Inc (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack). It’s an interesting development given that the team of Chimera and Maverick Jack have won multiple number one contenders matches to earn their title shots championship opportunities, but the additions of both tagSTRUGGLE and Top Talent add even more firepower to what was already sure to be an excellent match. While Graham and Rivers veteran savvy may give them an edge in any traditional tag match, with no champions advantage to speak of, the potential for a title change is higher than ever.


Prairie Wrestling Alliance Results
PWA • Nemesis Calgary, Alberta • June 1
  1. Space Mountain (“Spaceman” Beri Grayson/The Titan) def. the Nightmares
  2. Zoë Sager def. Kylie Morgan.
  3. Mephisto/”The Omen” Gabriel def. The Above Average Joes (Aiden Adams/Kenny Stryker)
  4. Bobby Sharp def. Kat Von Heez
  5. “The Thickness” Reid Matthews def. Chris Steele
  6. The Western Lions (“God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais/Brandon Van Danielson) & Sheik Akbar Shabaz def. The Millennial Rebels (Colton Kelly/Kenneth Anthony) & Michael Allen Richard Clark


  • Chris Steele replaced Brayden Parsons, who was unable to compete on Saturday.
Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Real Canadian Wrestling • Annual Spring Fling Elk Point, Alberta • May 31
  1. Sheik Akbar Shabaz def. Travis Cole
  2. Steven Styles def. Big Bruce
  3. “The Universe” Zack Mercury def. Dante
  4. Big Jess Youngblood def. Ayatollah Shabaz (DQ)
  5. Lethal Lottery Tag Match: Big Jess Youngblood/Travis Cole def. Sheik Akbar Shabaz/Ayatollah Shabaz
  6. Lumberjack Larry Woods def. “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais
Real Canadian Wrestling • Wildfire • Glendon, Alberta • June 1
  1. Travis Cole def. Chris Perish
  2. “The Universe” Zack Mercury def. Dante
  3. Heavy Metal def. Günnar the Pagan Destroyer
  4. Big Bruce def. Big Jesse Youngblood (DQ)
  5. “The Universe” Zack Mercury/Big Bruce/Travis Cole def. Chris Perish/Heavy Metal/Big Jess Youngblood
Monster Pro Wrestling Results
Monster Pro Wrestling • MPW Edmonton • Edmonton, Alberta • June 1
  1. MPW Ripper Championship Match: Massive Damage (w/Wrath) def. “Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins©
  2. Rick Jules def. Pro Payne (w/Ajax)
  3. “Rugged” Rich King/Phoenix© def. “Beautiful” Blake Kannon©/Sexy Samantha
  4. MPW Tag Team Championship Match: The Cat’s Meow (“Nasty” Nate Nixon/”The Asian Adonais” Kato) def. “Danger Zone” Mitch Clarke©
  5. No.1 Contender Match: Kid Cyrus def. TY Jackson/Dalsano
  6. MPW Heavyweight Championship Match: “Headline” Shaun Martens© def. King B


  • With his victory, Massive Damage becomes the new MPW Ripper Champion
  • The Cat’s Meow are the new MPW Tag Team Champions following their victory. Lumberjack Larry Woods was absent from the match due to a pre-match attack.
  • Kid Cyrus is now the Number 1 contender to the MPW Provincial Championship


Real Canadian Wrestling • Uprising Calgary, Alberta • June 7

Real Canadian Wrestling • Summer Breakout • Edmonton, Alberta • June 8

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Last Week in Alberta Wrestling: May 28 – June 3, 2020
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