Conversations With Love 27 is LIVE!

This week, Spencer is joined by the first-ever three-time guest of the show, Leo London! It’s an exciting time in London’s life; finals are over, he’s back in the ring and he’s currently on the cusp of the biggest match of his career against Mike Quackenbush. Find out more about the life and times of Leo London, including:

  • Tensions with former partner Alex Vanna
  • His recent match with Jay Walker
  • Utilizing social media
  • An update on Glitter and Armbars
  • How he’s preparing for wrestling Mike Quackenbush
  • Moving to Saskatchewan to train
  • What it’s like wrestling someone for the first time
  • Facing off against Steve Corino

All that and more in the exclusive interview on the WCSN!

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Conversations With Love 27: A Conversation With Leo London III

On the Status of the Gentleman’s Club

“Alberta fans may be familiar with the Gentleman’s Club because of our appearances at the CWC and RCW, and at that time Alex Vanna was still very much a part of it. Since then, due to his jealousy of myself and my brother maintaining our hold on the PCW (Tag Team) Championships for so long, he betrayed us, cost us the titles, and dumped us all in one day.”

“He’s been ducking me and dodging me and my brother ever since this took place. He’s been very elusive, so we have to figure out how we’re going to make that happen. Eventually, he’s going to get backed into a corner where he’s going to have to fight us.”

Wrestling Jay Walker for the PCW Canadian Championship:

“It was a bit strange, as me and Jay are friends and I’m primarily focussed on the tag team championships. At first, I was really reluctant to take this opportunity, because I’d already lost my relationship with Alex Vanna. I didn’t want to lose another friend on top of that. I weighed all my options and came to the conclusion that Alex Vanna wants the PCW Canadian Championship, so if I’m the PCW Canadian Champion, he’s to fight me for once. He can’t run if he wants the belt and I’ve got it.”

Preparing for Mike Quackenbush:

“In my preparation to wrestle Mike Quackenbush, I will be uprooting to Saskatchewan to benefit from some closer training.

“It means quite a lot. If I was to be given three wishes when my career started, wrestling Mike Quackenbush would have been one of them. I don’t know what to do now! I wasn’t expecting a fourth wish!”

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Conversations With Love 27: A Conversation With Leo London III

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