EDMONTON, AB: Force Pro Wrestling is back, folks, and to paraphrase Eric Bischoff’s theme music, it’s better than ever.

Earlier today, Force Pro Wrestling announced the first match on the card for the Return, the promotion’s first event since November’s Just the Tip. On January 17th, Kayla Jaye will face off with one of Canada’s top wrestlers in PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark.

Since making the move to Force Pro Wrestling in October, Jaye has made a habit of stepping up to Alberta’s top stars, regardless of gender. Through her first three matches for the promotion, Jaye has not only taken on two of the province’s best in both Michael Richard Blais and Zoë Sager, but proven herself to be their equals in-ring.

However, there’s no doubt that Clark is a continuation of that trend. The current PWA Heavyweight Champion is recognized country-wide as one of Canada’s top stars. The evidence more than speaks for itself; since March, Clark has been making a name for himself across the country in taking out the likes of Colton KellySheik Akbar Shabaz and Blais himself. In August, Clark was the sole Saskatchewan representative at the WWE tryouts in Toronto, impressing many with his combination of pure strength and sheer in-ring ability. Given the circumstances, it’s likely fair to call Kayla Jaye the underdog in this fight; however, if her previous battles in Force Pro Wrestling are any indication, she’s more than up to the task.

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Return are currently available through any of the promotion’s roster members or staff. Additional tickets will soon be available on the promotion’s Diyobo site.

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