EDMONTON, AB: Alberta’s professional wrestling coverage is scheduled for an upgrade.

This morning, Backbreaker Media is proud to announce the relaunch of their video-on-demand service, with a new name and new content.

“I am really excited about the relaunch of Backbreaker Media’s VOD service. With the talent that we have in Alberta, especially in Force Pro Wrestling, it is great that we have this platform to publicize it,” commented Mike Malowany, the founder of Backbreaker Media. “Not only will we be showing it off throughout our own site, but promotions in 3 other continents have asked to syndicate our product, giving the wrestlers even more exposure around the world. Plus to be included in the world’s largest independent wrestling VOD service, powerslam.tv, will only increase that exposure, and hopefully, help the wrestlers expand beyond the Alberta scene.”

Since its establishment in 2015, Backbreaker Media has become the go-to source for wrestling content covering the Alberta scene. Originally in podcast form, Backbreaker Media has specialized in video production since its merger with the WCSN in 2019.

The new site will also have a new address, backbreakermedia.pivotshare.com. Currently, Force Pro Wrestling and the Canadian Wrestling Coalition are the two full-time Albertan promotions that will be included on the site. As well, Backbreaker Media will host the highly-acclaimed Clandestine Society shows on demand. Held on December 14th, 2019, The Clandestine Society: Act One show, featured a jam-packed card and was trending on twitter in Canada and seen throughout the world on that evening. The Clandestine Society show is scheduled to be uploaded Tuesday, January 7.

As a special one-time-only offer, those who sign up for a subscription to Backbreaker Media using the code WCSN will not only receive a free two-week trial to the website but also receive your first month for 50% off.

In addition to the discounted subscriptions, proceeds from the first month of the site’s existence will go directly towards the recovery fund for Dr Kyoto, who was injured at the Clandestine show.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for the latest updates from Backbreaker Media.

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