EDMONTON, AB: It’s a sentence that’s damn familiar to any long-time Albertan wrestling fans: a Hart has claimed yet another championship.

At Saturday night’s RCW New Year’s Unleashed event, Matt Hart defeated “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin in a Lumberjack Match for the RCW British Commonwealth Championship.

The loss end’s Austin’s reign at 245 days.

Hart’s victory concludes a bitter months-long feud that has seen each man push the boundaries of violence. Mere weeks ago, the feud came to ahead courtesy of a vicious Snuff Piledriver courtesy of Austin to Hart in the middle of a parking lot. Since then, not only has Hart been hellbent on the Commonwealth Championship, but the utter destruction of Austin and his ever-present compatriot Dante.

Saturday evening was no different. Of course, given the intensity of the feud thus far, many fans entered the match expecting all-out warfare to take place, and man did the two deliver. Both Hart and Austin were at their violent best, with the lumberjacks outside the ring hardly unable to contain the cacophony inside the squared circle. In fact, the lumberjacks were hardly able to contain themselves. Near the conclusion of the matchup a violent brawl erupted that sent each person outside the ring to the backstage area. It was at that point that Dante made his presence known yet again, joining Austin in attacking Hart as the referee attempted to restore order to the outsiders and the men inside the ring.

However, at that moment, KOTA appeared from the backstage area like a man possessed. Instantly, the Knight of the Apocalypse set his sights on Dante, hitting the Profane Profit with a monstrous chokeslam, effectively eliminating him from the match. With Dante disposed of, Hart was able to exclusively focus on a prone Vince Austin. Immediately, Hart applied his families trademark Sharpshooter to the Viking Lord. Seconds later, a new champion had been crowned.

The title marks Hart’s second as a member of Real Canadian Wrestling. Hart previously held the RCW Tag Team Championships alongside partner D. Dwight Davis from December 2017 to May 2018.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for a full recap of RCW New Year’s Unleashed.

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