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The blue brand returns from Hell to head to Tulsa, Oklahoma today, which reminds me vaguely of a Beatles song.

A Quick (Hell in a Cell) Recap:

  • The New Day def. Rusev Day to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships
  • Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy
  • Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair to become the Smackdown Women’s Champion
  • AJ Styles def. Samoa Joe to retain the WWE Championship
  • The Miz & Maryse def. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella
One Big Thought:

I miss Luke Harper, you guys.

There’s really not a ton else to say about it - outside of a surprise appearance in NXT to face off against Ricochet, Harper has been absent from our TV’s since Erick Rowan’s unfortunate injury nearly a month ago. Hopefully he makes a return to Smackdown Live soon; he’s simply too talented not to be appearing consistently.

State of the Championships:
Wrestling News Source

Let’s start with the women - Becky Lynch is your new Smackdown Women’s Champion and all is right in the world. While the initial few steps in her pseudo-heel turn were definitely offbeat, she’s excelled over the past three weeks. Her match with Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell was a terrific bout(though not my favourite of their matchups), with the right woman going over. Now, the second era of the Irish Lass Kicker has begun, and I couldn’t be more excited.

While he may not deserve to be, AJ Styles is still your WWE Champion post-Hell in a Cell. This, despite the fact that Styles very clearly tapped out to Samoa Joe’s Coquina Clutch on Sunday evening, unbeknownst to the referee. While there’s been no word on if the ref has been reprimanded - and clearly, he should be for his poor quality of work - it has been announced that Styles will face off with Andrade “Cien” Almas tonight in what should be yet another barnburner of a match. I definitely don’t expect Joe to show up during the match, though - that never happens.

Shinsuke Nakamura is set to defend the United States Championship against Rusev. Generally, I’d be very excited for this match. However, it’s completely random, and I don’t expect Rusev to win. Just mark your calendars, folks - we’re officially only eight days away from the official second ever Rusev Day!

The New Day are still the Smackdown Tag Team Champions after defeating Rusev Day at Hell in a Cell. Ugh.

Keep an Eye On:

The Miz is teasing a surprise guest on MizTV tonight - who could it be? Either way, be certain Daniel Bryan makes his presence known.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy at Hell in a Cell, and also stuck a screwdriver through Hardy’s ear in one of the grossest things ever. Seeing as Orton was interesting at the PPV, I’d expect him to bore me tonight. Here’s to hoping I’m surprised!

Speaking of Hardy, does the Charismatic Enigma make an appearance on tonight’s Smackdown Live? He’s been rumoured to be banged up for a few months now, and the loss at HIAC could be utilized to write him off TV for a while to recover.

That’s it, that’s all wrestling fans! Are you watching? Let me know your thoughts on the show in the comments section, or complain to me personally @SpennyLove_WCS!

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