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Spencer: What did we ever do to deserve Rusev Day? While not making the overall top 10 - likely due to the length of his recent run - both he and Aiden English have been outstanding since pairing up after the Bulgarian Brute’s return to Smackdown. We’re not the only ones noticing, either; the pairing was the highlight of last Tuesday’s edition of the blue show, and I’m sure will continue to be highlights of the WWE throughout the new year. Happy Rusev Day, everyone!

Alexa Bliss

ParkerWho would have thought Alexa Bliss, the 47th overall pick in the Superstar Shakup draft, would wind up being the first Raw & Smackdown women’s champion?  Along with that, be the women’s champ with victories over almost all women on the main roster? In my opinion, Bliss is the best women’s character in a long time. She still remains a little bit green in the ring, but at only 26, she’ll only continue to improve on her stellar 2017.

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The Top 10 Wrestlers of 2017
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