This time on Falls Count Anywhere we talk about the upcoming Chris Jericho Vs Kenny Omega match.

Chris Jericho started a Twitter feud with NJPW wrestler Kenny Omega. Most of us thought this was just a strategy to get viewers and some cash. Nevertheless, this made wrestling fans dreams come true. Both wrestlers will square off at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 at the Tokyo Dome this January 4th. While this match has some of us salivating and wanting to buy an airplane ticket to Japan, others remain skeptical.

So, let’s prove them wrong.

Here are 3 misconceptions that surround the upcoming Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match.

“Jericho Can’t Keep Up”

There is an age gap, one cannot deny that. But the thought of Jericho having to catch his breath at the middle of the match is simply not possible. Omega is young and very agile, expect his usual move set and maybe some once in a lifetime kind of moves. Jericho will only make things much more interesting. He is not the flying crusierwieght he once was, nevertheless, his aggressive technical style will ground the match and create a very attractive contrast. Not to mention Y2J is one of the most consistent workers to ever set foot in a WWE or NJPW ring. Such a mix of styles will please the usually exigent Japanese crowd.


“It’s Just NJPW”

While they might not be a wrestling empire like WWE, they are their closest competitors. Currently, New Japan Pro Wrestling holds what is arguably the most prestigious title in the business today: the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Not only that, but they have also gained some ground in North America by airing taped shows with English commentary by Jim Ross. Add to that the somewhat recently introduced IWGP United States Championship, held by Omega himself - and the championship to be defended at this upcoming dream match.

“It’s Bad For WWE”

Seriously? The term “closest” used a paragraph ago translates to “A light year away” from one company to the other. There is no way this match could affect WWE; in fact, they also benefit from it. Despite being a free agent, “The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla” is synonymous with WWE. Therefore WWE benefits from the exposure of one of their “WWE Guys”. Nothing can go wrong for WWE.

Mark It On Your Calendar

January 4th is the date. Two proud Canadians will fill the Tokyo Dome and deliver a hell of a show. All there is left is to wait, buy plane tickets to Tokyo Japan or, cross our fingers and hope for some sort of agreement between NJPW and WWE to air the event at the Network.

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