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It’s the fourth straight night of wrestling in Houston, Texas tonight for tonight’s edition of Smackdown Live. After a disappointing 4-3 loss to RAW at Survivor Series - including both elimination matches - how will the blue brand respond? I’m @SpennyLove, and this is your official Smackdown Live preview for November 21st!

Last Week’s Smackdown:

While last week’s Smackdown may not have much of an effect on tonight, there are a few stories that look to continue post-SS. Biggest of all will be the continuing story of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. While nether were on the Survivor Series team, the best friends interfered in the 5-on-5 elimination match before being chased off by Shane McMahon.


Although if a helicopter couldn’t kill him, two men in their mid-thirties certainly couldn’t.

After taking the last pin for the men’s Survivor Series team, McMahon will kick off Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown to address the loss - something tells me that Owens and Zayn won’t be far behind. WWE looks to be setting up a tag team match between the two best friends and the commissioner; will we find out tonight?

Jinder Mahal remained without the WWE championship last week, which is just a nice sentence to say.

State of the Belts:

While Smackdown may have ended up the overall losers, three of their four champions won their matches at Survivor Series.

It may have resulted in a loss, but AJ Styles continues to prove why he’s the best wrestler in the world. In the night’s co-main event, Styles lifted Brock Lesnar to his best match since the “Best vs. the Beast” match over four years ago against CM Punk. Many are calling it a Match of the Year candidate, and while I don’t think it’d win, it’s certainly earned consideration. However, the Styles/Jinder Mahal match scheduled for tonight seems to be off, as is now questioning whether the two will cross paths tonight - something to keep an eye on tonight.

In my surprise of the night, United States champion Baron Corbin defeated The Miz in their match at Sunday’s PPV. With Corbin having dispatched of Sin Cara last week, the door is open for a new challenger to the belt. Will someone emerge? My money’s on Tye Dillinger after their earlier tension this year, but who knows.

Charlotte Flair dispatched of RAW women’s champion Alexa Bliss on Tuesday, and much like Corbin is without a clear challenger to the title. Someone will emerge soon; the question is who? (Keep reading to find out!)

In one of the best matches of the night, the Usos defeated Sheamus and Cesaro on Sunday and look to continue their battles against Gable and Benjamin after two losses to the duo.

Here and There:

I’m interested to see where the women’s division goes after Sunday’s loss, especially in the case of Becky Lynch. The Irish Lass Kicker was eliminated barely two minutes into the match, and will obviously be frustrated. Could this be the beginning of a heel turn? If Charlotte is going to hold the belt for any length of time, I think so; Lynch is too committed to winning the belt not to chase it sooner rather than later.


Knock the gimmick, but man am I excited to have Luke Harper back on my screen. The guy may be the most underutilized guy on the roster, and that’s saying something in a world that Rusev exists. They’re scheduled to debut against the Hype Bros tonight; I’m stoked. It should add another chapter to the Bros. breakup as well, which is long overdue.

Three Things to Watch For:

  • After Paige finally returned (and with friends in tow) to Monday Night RAW, will Smackdown see any reinforcements join team blue? While an injury to Drew McIntyre spoiled a rumoured call-up, there’s still a few names of interest out there. Do we see the Authors of Pain stake their claim to the tag team championships? Perhaps an Iconic debut? My heart says yes to the former, and no to the latter.
  • After being the first two eliminations, what’s next for Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode? Both are guys I thought would go far in Sunday’s main event, and have definitely lost some momentum with early eliminations.
  • Does Dolph Ziggler exist for any reason other than getting his ass kicked?

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Smackdown Live Preview: November 21st
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