EDMONTON, AB - The world of independent pro wrestling is always unpredictable, and that was no more evident than during the finale of RCW Crossfire.

On Saturday night, “the PWA Original” Marky sent shockwaves through the Albertan independent wrestling scene, crashing the Tables, Ladders and Chairs main event between Heavy Metal and Brice “The Slammer” Sova.

Following the conclusion of Saturday’s main event, Heavy Metal and Jesse Youngblood began to celebrate in the ring. However, their music quickly cut out, and, brandishing the PWA Championship that he’d won at the promotion’s flagship show, Night of Champions, Marky proceeded to lay a beating on both Youngblood and Metal. After laying both men out, the champ immediately grabbed the microphone and laid into the RCW Champion.

“You know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here,” said the PWA titleholder. “I go wherever I want, whenever I want. You want a war, you got one!!”

It’s difficult to remember the last time an Albertan promotion’s champion appeared with their title in a rival’s ring. The last instance reported was then-MPW roster member Chris Perish’s appearance during January’s Alberta Indie Dream Match between Michael Richard Blais and Pride. While the next moves for either the promotion or the champion are unclear at this point, stay tuned to the WCSN for more on this developing story.

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