Christian Strife’s return was confirmed, the CWE’s full Edmonton card was announced, and it was a case of new name, same result for the artists formerly named Dirty Inc. It was a wild week across Alberta’s indie wrestling scene - now, get the latest from the WCSN!

It’s the latest edition of Last Week in Alberta Wrestling, your weekly source for the past seven days in the province’s pro wrestling!

Christian Strife’s In-Ring Return Confirmed
Real Canadian Wrestling

Just under a month ago, former RCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Christian Strife made his much-anticipated return to the squared circle when he appeared in the midst of a Heavy Metal/Aussie Legend championship match in Calgary, Alberta. With many speculating that Strife had returned to challenge his former rival Heavy Metal, Strife shockingly aligned with his long-time nemesis, joining Top Talent and securing a championship victory for Metal himself.

However, while Strife’s interference was enough to end the Aussie Legend’s run on top, many were curious as to whether the former top titleholder would make his full-fledged return to the ring. Well, those questions can end, as Real Canadian Wrestling announced on Sunday that Strife and Heavy Metal would team up against the Aussie Legend and Brice “the Slammer” Sova in tag team action.

“July 21, 2018: Christian Strife def. Heavy Metal to win the RCW Championship.”

“I was the Champion of the company. I was the top guy. I fought, and beat, everyone in my path. So how come the pay in my envelopes kept getting lighter? How come, as the champion of the company, I was never in the main event? What was I doing wrong?”

“As my MCL tore trying to carry this company, and I was forced to watch from the sidelines, all those answers became crystal clear to me. Who was always in the most memorable match of the night? Who always arrived when they wanted, and was the first to get paid? When put on the card, who put asses in the seats?

“Heavy Metal.”

“I should have seen it. I fought him for 18 months, in every type of match imaginable. I know how he thinks. I probably know him better than he knows himself. That’s why I joined Top Talent. He can give me what RCW, and what the fans can’t. Money, privileges, respect. I earned those things, but they were never given to me. I’m not going to ask this time around. I’m going to take them, and working with Top Talent is the best way to do that.”

The match will mark Strife’s first appearance in an RCW ring since January 19th, when he faced off with Pride, Sweet Daddy Soul and eventual match-winner Andrew Hawkes in defence of his RCW Championship. While the two former foes may be teaming together for the first time in months, their in-ring chemistry is evident. Will it be enough to topple the two RCW powerhouses in the Legend and the Slammer? Find out this Friday at RCW Collision Course in Calgary.

Dirty, Inc Undergoes RCW Name Change

The name has changed, but the players remain the same.

Saturday night saw the pseudo-debut of the Malicious Militia, formerly known as Dirty Inc. While the faction is still evidently existent - in fact, the group made an appearance at the same evening’s PPW Summer Sizzler - it appears as though the faction will embrace a different name in Real Canadian Wrestling. The reason, one would have to assume, was the lack of Dirty Mike Jones, the ostensible leader of the group and one of the most recognizable managers in Albertan pro wrestling. On Saturday in Red Deer, former Dirty Inc Executive Assistant Celia Fayte was the first to enter the ring, announcing that not only had Jones been fired from RCW - a confusing storyline development in and of itself - but that the now-former Dirty Inc would henceforth be known as the Malicious Militia. Not only was the new name introduced, but as Cody Chimera and Maverick Jack made their entrances, the group debuted new theme music, too. However, despite the name change, the pair were still victorious over their opponents of Barricade and Dean Richtor on Saturday, proving that while the parts around them may move, Chimera and Jack are still fully capable of leaving their opponents in the dirt.

CWE Announces Full Edmonton Card

The return of Canadian Wrestling’s Elite to Edmonton this August was already a widely-hyped event among the independent wrestling community in the capital city; however, with the release of the full match card last week, the anticipation is now at an all-time high. Last week, the promotion announced a bevvy of dream matches, including a four corner survival match that should have long-time Albertan wrestling fans on the edge of their respective seats.

Full card for August 15th, 2019:

WWF Legend The Warlord/Giant Orion vs. Big Jesse Youngblood/Montana Black

Four Corner Survival Match
TK O’Ryan (The Kingdom) vs. “Honey Badger” Johnny Devine vs. “The Original” Marky vs. Chris Perish

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan/”The Homicidal Maniac” Slave vs. “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez & “The Boston Bruiser” Kevin O’Doyle

“Wildchild” Tyler James/Jarid Bussemakers vs. “Tornado” Tony Kozina/SIGMON

10th Anniversary Tour Rematch w/Special Guest Referee Mrs. Alberta Kimberley Ford
Cherry Dahl/”The Vixen” Jade vs. “The Masterpiece Of The East” Alix Zwicker/“The Queen Of The Okanagan” Scarlett Black

Jordan Kingsley vs. “The Morning Mercenary” NITE

James Tapia vs. “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage

Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Real Canadian Wrestling/Canadian Wrestling Coalition • Dealer’s Choice • Red Deer, Alberta • July 20
  1. Alonzo Vitorio def. “The Profane Profit” Dante w/Mr Spectrum
  2. Cherry Dahl/Alix Zwicker def. Kat Von Heez/Zoë Sager
  3. RCW Commonwealth Championship Match: “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin© w/Viking Rage def. the Giant Orion
  4. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Malicious Militia (Cody Chimera/Maverick Jack)© def. Barricade/”Real Talk” Dean Richtor
  5. “The Knight of the Apocolypse” Kota def. Sheik Akar Shabaz
  6. Top Talent (Heavy Metal©/Big Jesse Youngblood) def. “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat
  7. Jack Pride v. Travis Cole - No Contest


  • No #1 contender was confirmed following the Malicious Militia’s interference in the main event.
Pure Power Wrestling Results
Pure Power Wrestling • Summer Sizzler • Lethbridge, Alberta • July 20
  1. Sydney Steele def. “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins
  2. Kenn Stevens def. “The Bombshell” Angelica
  3. Dewey Robson def. Cowboy Bryn Watts/Headline Shaun Martens
  4. Cyanide def. Bulldog McBain
  5. Kenn Stevens def. Cyanide
  6. Dewey Robson def. Sydney Steele
  7. Kenn Stevens def. Dewey Robson


  • With his victories, Kenn Stevens is the winner of the 2019 Summer Sizzler
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