With NXT airing a two-hour Year in Review special tonight, we at Win Column decided to do our own NXT Year in Review for 2017 - as much as we know you’d love a preview of reading some interviews, the decision to reflect on what many people believe is the premier brand in WWE. That being said, I’m @Parkman15Love, and let’s reflect on a truly Glorious year for NXT.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same NXT that used to be a reality TV show alongside wrestling. The brand has definitely gone through it’s low points, such as literally anything featuring Bill Demott, technical difficulties during their first ever TakeOver, the fact their show used to have competitions like keg-carrying on their show, rather then showing off some of the amazing talent that they’ve had go through NXT. Nowadays, the former FCW has become the premier brand under WWE, and it’s debatable that their roster is among the best in the world.

The 1 hour format of NXT does help: Most nights, sitting through 3 hours of RAW is a challenge, and Smackdown the day after is never easy. NXT’s 1 hour format leaves you wanting more, and doesn’t overexpose the wrestlers at all.

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NXT-Year in Review (2017)
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