WrestleMania is here - what else is there to say!? The WCSN panel takes a look at this year’s Show of Shows in their annual WrestleMania predictions!

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Match Card

  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match - The Usos (C) vs The Bar vs Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev
  • RAW Tag Team Title Match - The Revival (C) vs Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
  • RAW Women’s Championship Match- Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair
  • Universal Championship Match - Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins
  • Randy Orton vs AJ Styles
  • No Holds Barred Match - Triple H vs Batista 
  • United States Championship Match - Samoa Joe (C) vs Rey Mysterio
  • The Miz vs Shane McMahon
  • Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin - Kurt Angle’s Retirement Match
  • Cruiserweight Championship Match - Buddy Murphy (C) vs Tony Nese
  • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Competitors include Braun Strowman)
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship Match - Boss & Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley) vs Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix & Natalya) vs Tamina Snuka & Nia Jax vs The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)
  • Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre
  • Intercontinental Championship Match - Bobby Lashley (C) (w/Lio Rush) vs Finn Balor
  • WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan (C) vs Kofi Kingston


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match - The Usos (C) vs The Bar vs Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

Spencer: I would very much like Rusev and Nakamura to win the tag team championships, please. Prediction: Rusev/Nakamura 

Parker: With the talent involved in this matchup alone, this should be very, very good. Anyone but the Bar, please. Prediction: The Usos Retain. 

Hayden: Bound to be a clusterfuck (in the best way possible). The level of talent in this match is absurd. I see Nakamura and Rusev leaving as champs. Prediction: Nakamura and Rusev win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. 

RAW Tag Team Title Match - The Revival (C) vs Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

Spencer: Zack Ryder has already had a WrestleMania moment, and Curt Hawkins should lose forever because it’s entertaining. Prediction: The Revival

Parker: Fuck this match, specifically because of the challengers. Prediction: Forever, the Revival. 

Hayden: This match is a travesty. Hopefully, Dash Wilder’s absolute sledgehammer of shot to whoever jumped Bret Hart last night warranted a successful defence tonight. The Revival need a strong win more than Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins need a Wrestlemania Moment - not to mention, Dash and Dawson are more deserving of one as well. Unfortunately, I do not see the match going that way. Prediction: Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins win the RAW Tag Team Championships. 

RAW Women’s Championship Match- Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Spencer: If Becky loses we riot, right? Prediction: Becky Lynch

Parker: Honestly not into this match nearly as much as I should be. Guess that’s what happens with a mediocre build at best. Rousey is likely gone for a hiatus after ‘Mania. Charlotte can never entirely be ruled out - especially with the goal of her being one of the greatest of all time. It’s very easy to imagine her winning here, in order to continue to have her make history. But Becky should win, the whole story is being built to have her overcome all the obstacles and have the loveable underdog win it! Prediction: Becky Lynch because it would be really stupid to end Mania any other way. 

Hayden: I cannot confidently state how many matches are going to end up on the Wrestlemania card - by our current count, it is 14. Crazy. Not as if any of us have anything better to do with our time. That said, this match is undoubtedly what most fans are willing to wait for. After 34 years of being oppressed, the women of WWE will finally main event Wrestlemania. I am not a fan of any of these women, but they serve as the perfect torchbearers for the WWE Women’s Division as we head into a new era of professional wrestling. Out of the three, Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably the best bet to “take all” and walk out the undisputed Women’s ChampionPrediction: Becky Lynch def. Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair

Universal Championship Match - Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins

Spencer: Seth Rollins has the entirety of the WWE Universe behind him, and Vince McMahon hates the WWE Universe. Ipso facto…Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Parker: Seth has to win. Timing is right, the challenger is right, etc. It just makes sense for Seth to take the title here. When has WWE ever made the wrong decision on crowning a new champion?

Yeah, I think they’ll keep it on Brock. Simple as. Prediction: Brock Lesnar retains. 

Hayden: Seth Rollins is the clear choice to walk out as champ. Whichever arguments have been made in favour of Brock are completely and unequivocally wrong. My brother Parker is wrong. The time for Rollins is right. A fresh start and a fresh champion are exactly what RAW needs at the moment, and everyone knows it. Maybe this opens up a path for a trade come April 15th - perhaps a Phenomenal One for a Beast? Prediction: Seth Rollins becomes the new Universal Champion.

Randy Orton vs AJ Styles

Spencer:  Styles enters his fourth WrestleMania still in search of a signature win at the Show of Shows. This year, I think he gets it. Prediction: AJ Styles

Parker: Although the basis of this match is based upon building a house vs paying rent in a house, I’m still absolutely stoked for this match. AJ has done everything he can on Smackdown though, in my opinion. Randy’s heel character is still fantastic. All in all, this should be up there in terms of match quality. Prediction: Randall Keith Orton sends AJ Styles to RAW. 

Hayden: In my mind, Orton vs Styles is this year’s “Wrestlemania Matchup”. High stakes and a never before seen match (well, with one exception) usually do enough in drawing in fans, but this match is greatly enhanced considering Big Randy and AJ are two of the best in wrestling history. Outside of their brief, deliberately low-gear match a year or two ago, Orton and Styles have rarely come into contact with each other, in spite of their residency on Smackdown. It’s obvious Vince McHitler and the rest of the higher-ups in the fed were saving this for a Mania - and I for one cannot wait to see Orton beat Styles. Prediction: Randy Orton

No Holds Barred Match - Triple H vs Batista 

Spencer: BATISTA!!!!! Prediction: Batista

Parker: Pumped to see Batista back in WWE. Pumped to see him fully commit to the Bluetista gimmick. But Triple H will continue to put on 30-minute ‘Mania classics until he can no longer move. His career ain’t ending here. Prediction: Triple H

Hayden: This is what I wanted. The biggest question is - how did Hunter “Paul Levesque” Hearst Helmsley recover from a pec tear in like 5 months? That’s truly superhuman. That said, this will be a good match. The outcome, however, is difficult to predict. Realistically, both of these men are bulletproof and could retire with no regrets. But I see Triple H squeaking out another win and letting Batista ride off into the sunset. Prediction: Triple H

United States Championship Match - Samoa Joe (C) vs Rey Mysterio

Spencer: I am so exceedingly happy, you guys. On that end, I think Rey wins it here and kickstarts the TRUE feud with Andrade “Cien” Almas. Prediction: Mysterio

Parker: I wouldn’t be surprised if Mysterio won here, but I just think there’s much more potential in a Samoa Joe title reign. Plus he’s already been pinned twice as champ. “Make Joe look strong” (INSIDER TERM). Prediction: Samoa Joe retains.

Hayden: Out of left field. Everyone expected Rey Mysterio would be facing off against Andrade Cien Almas, but this match works well - especially considering that we have not seen it before. I think it’s a clear cut conclusion that Joe walks out with his title. Prediction: Samoa Joe retains his United States Championship.

The Miz vs Shane McMahon - Falls Count Anywhere

Spencer: If Shane McMahon ever wins at WrestleMania again, it will be a great tragedy. Prediction: The Miz

Parker: Any other outcome just doesn’t make sense. Miz is awesome. Shane is probably gonna do some dumb shit though and jump off some other shit. Prediction: The Miz

Hayden: The stars align, and my heart breaks, for either Shane McMahon or The Miz must lose. Life is suffering, but only through suffering can we find happiness. Maybe I will finally find some after this match ends. Whether or not this is a “blood feud” is entirely subjective - while some people are genuinely anticipating this match, others could care less. In my books, though, it’s clear that the Miz will walk out victorious. Prediction: The Miz

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin - Kurt Angle’s Retirement Match

Spencer: I never knew how badly I wanted Kurt Angle to eat an End of Days until a few weeks ago; now, it’s all I can dream of. Prediction: Baron Corbin

Parker: Lol. Prediction: Kurt Angle 

Hayden: Not MY Wrestle<ania match. #resist Prediction: RAW Constable Baron Corbin. 

Cruiserweight Championship Match - Buddy Murphy (C) vs Tony Nese

Spencer: Going to be an absolute banger, regardless of the fact that I personally think Nese has no chance. Prediction: Buddy Murphy

Parker: Tony is great - Buddy is fantastic. Unless they plan on moving Buddy to RAW or Smackdown, why take the title off him? If they’re going to take the title off him, would it not make sense for an underdog to have his moment by beating Murphy? I’ve loved the tournament, but I just can’t see Nese winning here. Prediction: Buddy Murphy retains

Hayden: Not a match I expected. But, a match bound to be great. Initially one of the hottest stars following the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic, Tony Nese sort of fell to / the wayside after his debut on 205 Live (but, to be fair, 90% of that roster did). Now, though, he gets a chance to shine on the Wrestlemania stage, with one of the legitimate best in the world. Buddy Murphy has been on a year-long tear, putting on some of the best matches within the company. Wherever this ends up on the show, it’s sure to steal it (or like 25% of it, as there are some other great matches). I see Murphy continuing his trend, and this feud continuing. Prediction: Buddy Murphy

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Competitors include Braun Strowman, Colin Just, Michael Che, Andrade, Apollo Crews, Titus O’Neil, Tyler Breeze, Jinder Mahal, Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Rhyno, Viktor, Konnor, Ali, Shelton Benjamin, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Otis, Tucker, EC3)

SpencerPrediction: Michael Che

Parker: Prediction: Braun Strowman 

HaydenPrediction: Shelton Benjamin. 

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match - Boss & Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley) vs Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix & Natalya) vs Tamina Snuka & Nia Jax vs The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

Spencer: An IIconic victory at WrestleMania? Sign me up. Prediction: IIconics

Parker: Checklist: Nia & Tamina? No chance that WWE will piss of the crowd that much with this match. Beth & Nattie? Doubtful with Phoenix being semi-retired. IIconics? Maybe, but I doubt now. My money is on Wrestlemania ending with the Four Horsewomen of WWE holding a title. Prediction; Sasha & Bayley retain, go onto feud with the IIconic’s post-mania. 

Hayden: In spite of the obvious show-closing “WrestleMania Moment” that many theorize will centre around the Four Horsewomen of WWE, I am conducting ritual sacrifices and praying each day that Nia Jax and Tamina walk out with the titles. Please. Prediction: Nia Jax and Tamina become the NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

Spencer: I’m always excited about two big dudes beating the ever-loving hell out of each other. Ask me six months ago, and I would have easily predicted a Drew McIntyre victory. However, after Roman’s health issues and a considerable cooldown for the Scottish Psychopath, I think Reigns emerges victorious. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Parker: Clay. More. Keep building stars. Roman’s win would be great, but Drew needs a win here if he’s seen as being a main eventer in WWE, in my opinion. Prediction: Drew McIntyre wins dirty. 

Hayden: An excellently built matchup. With Drew McIntyre’s decisive victories over former SHIELD members (and ex-world champions) Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose resulting in nothing, why not take out the Big Dog? Better yet, why not on the Grandest Stage of Them All? Roman Reigns has a lot on the line, as this is his first singles match after returning from his recent illness, and considering his recent WrestleMania history. That in mind, I can see McIntyre grinding down the Big Dog and securing the bag. Prediction: Drew McIntyre def. Roman Reign 

Intercontinental Championship Match - Bobby Lashley (C) (w/Lio Rush) vs Finn Balor

Spencer: A first-time matchup that we’re all dying to see. Let’s hope this ends quickly. Prediction: Finn Balor

Parker: As hilarious as it would be to have Bobby Lashley be the one to beat the Demon on the main roster… Prediction: Finn Balor becomes Intercontinental Champion

Hayden: Parker hasn’t updated his predictions, like an idiot. This past Monday Night RAW saw the return of the Demon, announcing his place within the Intercontinental Championship match. Like, what? That’s like the guys from The Town giving the banks a heads up before they brutally rob them. Terrible analogies aside, does anyone have any real excitement for this match? With the reintroduction of the Demon, it is a foregone conclusion. Prediction: Finn Balor becomes Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan (C) vs Kofi Kingston

Spencer: My heart begs for Kofi Kingston, but my head tells me it’s simply implausible to have both Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston win their respective championships. There’s no way that Vince McMahon leaves the WWE Universe feeling THAT good, right? For that reason and that reason alone…Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Parker: Am I the only one who has thought that Bryan’s heel persona has been the best part of WWE? The Fresh Afternoon line? Gold. That being said, before I get yelled at - both these men, plus Vince & the New Day, have been fantastic thus far. Rowan is just Rowan at this point. There is really no other way this match should end. Kofi should be winning the belt here. A perfect build should have a perfect ending.  Prediction: Kofi Kingston becomes WWE Champion. 

Hayden: Kofimania has never caught fire for me. Maybe because, outside of the gauntlet match, this build has been centred around Kofi Kingston‘s tenure within the company, and how he is owed something. Great. Let’s give Zack Ryder a Universal Championship shot because he was over (insider term) 8 years ago. That said, Kofi is an immeasurably talented wrestler - far better than most. With a marquee dance partner in Daniel Bryan - undoubtedly one of the best in the world - you have the potential for a magical match, and one with an unclear conclusion. It won’t be as simple as a 1-2-3. Factor in Bryan’s associate Big Green Erik Rowan, and Kofi’s stablemates Big E and Xavier Woods, and a lot of moving pieces come into play. Even with those 5 in play, there could be a 6th piece: Mustafa Ali.

Ali is understandably upset after losing his spot in the gauntlet match. His hard work resulted in both an opportunity and an injury, and unfortunately, the injury won out that night. Kofi assumed Ali’s place, and Kofimania took off. It wouldn’t be mad to suggest that Kofimania legitimately would NEVER exist if injury hasn’t fallen on Ali, and (hypothetically) the roles could be reversed. If I were stewing in anger, falling to the wayside while watching someone succeed in my spot, I would be mad… mad enough to cost that man the title. But who knows. I don’t. Either way, I see Kofi winning. Prediction: Kofi Kingston becomes WWE Champion. 

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