On Friday night in Calgary, there were two title changes in the main events of the Real Canadian Wrestling Anarchy Show in Calgary. First, Angelica captured the RCW Women’s Championship in a Last Woman Standing Match, taking out Envy with an assist from her new compatriots Dirty Inc.

In the final match of the night, the Aussie Legend defeated Dante and champion Sweet Daddy Soul to capture the RCW Heavyweight Championship.  During the course of the match, after being back-dropped to the outside by the Aussie Legend, Sweet Daddy Soul was injured on the outside.  In what is normally a routine spot in a match, Sweet Daddy had to be helped to the back, and the Aussie Legend disposed of Dante to capture the Heavyweight Championship in short order.

The Start of the main event at Real Canadian Wrestling Anarchy between RCW Heavyweight Champion Sweet Daddy Soul (centre) and Challengers Aussie Legend (left) and Dante (right). Backbreaker Media

Later that night in a Calgary hospital, Sweet Daddy Soul was diagnosed with a broken fibula and tibia, along with a dislocated ankle and shoulder.  He is scheduled for surgery early next week, and early prognoses have Soul out for a minimum six months.

“Both my daughter and I are going to miss all the fans so, so much,” said Sweet Daddy Soul in a statement released to the WCSN. “They are why I go out there and give it my all every night to entertain them. I love them dearly, with all my heart and soul.”

“I promise, I WILL be back.”

On behalf of everyone here at the WCSN, we would like to wish Sweet Daddy Soul the speediest of recoveries, and we can’t wait to see you back in the ring sooner than later.

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BREAKING: Former RCW Champion Injured, Titles Change Hands at RCW Anarchy
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