EDMONTON, AB: It’s a well-known fact in Albertan wrestling that “The Thickness” Reid Matthews is ready to take on all comers. On January 17th, he’ll truly put that to the test.

Next Friday will see the PWA Mayhem Champion host an open challenge to the locker room as part of Force Pro Wrestling: The Return.

“I, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews, issue an open challenge at Force Pro Wrestling: The Return.” stated Matthews to the WCSN.

“With a new year comes new opportunities, and this is an opportunity for anyone who thinks they’re thick enough to beat me in the ring to try and do so.”

It’s difficult to describe Matthews’ reign as Mayhem Champion as anything but dominant. Since claiming the title 321 days ago, “The Thickness” has bested nearly every opponent put in his way. From his initial victory over Kenneth Anthony to win the title to his blood feud with Colton Kelly to his most recent victory over one of the myriads of Nightmare’s involved in the PWA, there’s nary an opponent that Matthews hasn’t only taken on, but defeated.

However, despite a dominant performance at Just the Tip, Matthews suffered his first singles loss since claiming the championship at the hands of “Spaceman” Beri Grayson. Is the open challenge perhaps a way to reinvigorate one of 2019’s top stars?

Thus far, there’s been no word on if the open challenge will include a defence of the PWA Mayhem Championship.

Tickets for Force Pro Wrestling: The Return are currently available through any of the promotion’s roster members or staff. Additional tickets will soon be available on the promotion’s Diyobo site.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more news from Force Pro Wrestling.

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