NXT Preview - Feb 14, 2021

What better way to spend your Valentines Day? NXT is headlined tonight by not one, but two championship matches. The Women’s title is on the line with an TakeOver rematch between Shanya Baszler and Ember Moon. The UK Title is on the line with new #1 contender Roderick Strong taking on Pete Dunne. Aleister Black is also scheduled to appear on tonights episode. As always, I’m @Parkman15Love, and this is your official NXT Preview!

Note: Spoilers are out there for tonight’s taping, including HERE on WinColumn Sports. 

The Main Event

“The Women’s Revolution continues! The women of NXT are main eventing NXT!” - Michael Cole, probably. 

Ember Moon vs Shanya Baszler is the main event tonight, and the title is on the line. At TakeOver: Philadelphia, the Queen of Spades completely dominated Moon for the most part. However, Moon got a quick roll up to put away the former UFC horsewoman. After putting every woman to in sight to sleep, Baszler got her rematch by claiming that Ember was afraid to face her again. With a fluky loss to Moon out of the way, will Baszler be able to finally put away Ember Moon? I did love their match in Philly, as it was just something unique in WWE. I’m interested to see how Moon will get out of this though, seeing how Baszler looked dominant throughout. Definitely excited to see where this feud goes.

Other Announced Segments

As touched upon at the start, Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne are going to engage in fisticuffs with the UK Championship on the line. Now, I do love the fact the UK Championship has unofficially been added as the second belt - Prince may disagree with me, and you can read why HERE - but can anyone really see a title change here? With Roderick taking on the world - and by world, I mean 15 other competitors - for the Cruiserweight Championship, this feels like a stopgap feud for Pete Dunne. Roderick is more likely to take the title of “Vacant” in my opinion on the main roster. There’s about a 1% chance of a title change, but a 99% chance of a fantastic match. Anything to get more of the Bruiserweight on my TV, though; aside from a bass-playing Braun Strowman, he’s probably one of my favorites right now.


As well, Aleister Black is scheduled to appear for the first time since his win over Adam Cole. I hope this means he starts to transition into the main event scene. I mean, the dude has literally never lost. And if he’s not going up anytime soon, why not put him in the title scene? Tonight should definitely give us some clue to where he’s headed next.

State of the Belts

Andrade Cien Almas has another date with Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship in a couple weeks. Seemingly, Johnny has evened the odds with Candace LeRae on his side to neutralize Zelina Vega. Surely this has to mean Johnny Wrestling takes the title for himself: if not, he leaves NXT. I mean, its not like the worst best friend ever will stay away for sure now… right?!? Off their 5 star classic a few weeks ago, how will they one up that match? And are we going to see El Idelo dethroned so soon? Or will we see Johnny leave NXT? I’M SO CONFLICTED ABOUT THIS.

I should stop referencing Anchorman, but it’s so applicable. 

Finally, the tag titles are still with the Undisputed Era after their match didn’t even start due to a brawl with SAniTy. Now, I didn’t like the fact SAniTy cost themselves a shot at the titles by ATTACKING THE TEAM BEFOREHAND SO BADLY THEY GOT THE MATCH THROW OUT. That’s just not being a good babyface team. They did get a bit of revenge after beating the Era in a Tornado Tag Match. Will we see something to get this feud continuing? Honestly right now, I’m just not super invested in this feud. It’s been a weird path to get here. I mean, it went pretty much straight to War Games, and then basic tag team matches. I feel War Games should have been the blow off match. But again, I’m just a guy writing a blog.

Extra Thoughts

  • I’m sure over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting more and more extra tag matches for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.
  • I also decided this is to be included until the call up - but WHY ARE THE AUTHORS OF PAIN STILL IN NXT?
  • Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are dearly missed in my opinion.
  • What’s the plan with ECIII? I’m hoping we hear something from the guy soon. He cut a promo backstage in Philly, and nothing since. If you won’t have him wrestle, start to slowly introduce him to NXT.
  • Lars Sullivan returned to NXT this week, and I just hope he’s on my TV soon destroying people ASAP.

That’s it folks! Will you be tuning in tonight to NXT, or will you be some lame-o who decides to spend time with your significant other? Let me know your thoughts by tweeting @WCSportsCA , or my personal account @Parkman15Love!

Happy Valentines Day, y’all!

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NXT Preview - Feb 14, 2021
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