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Fry and the Guy: Episode Five

Part One:

Fry and The Guy are back up to their usual shenanigans on the Win Column Sports Podcast Network. With WWE changing up the presentation of their programming again, is this new style working? With a stacked card at WrestleMania, why is everyone still complaining? Why can’t WWE fans have nice things?

Part Two:

With WrestleMania less than three weeks away, Fry And The Guy take you around the current WrestleMania card. Is there a reason people still hate Roman Reigns? Will the fans try to hijack this match?

The Women’s championship situation has changed a lot since the last show. How excited are the guys for Asuka vs Charlotte? Is this the biggest match possible in the Women’s division? What about the Raw side? Is Nia Jax becoming a star?

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Fry and the Guy: Episode Five | Shoots, Cena/Taker, and WrestleMania 34
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