April is set to see a major change in the Albertan independent wrestling scene, as Real Canadian Wrestling and the Canadian Wrestling Coalition officially announced their merger on January 25th.

In addition to their currently scheduled shows in Edmonton and Calgary, the merger will see RCW begin running monthly shows in Red Deer, Alberta. The first event is scheduled for April 13, 2019.

“This is a huge partnership formed between the CWC and RCW as it now makes the schedule even busier and brings even more exciting events to the great fans of (Alberta wrestling). Central Alberta, get ready for a revolution!” said RCW’s Steven Ewaschuk‎ at the time of the announcement.

In addition, CWC owner Dylon Featherstone will remain with the organization as Central Alberta event planner.

“The merger just made sense,” said Featherstone. “It’s one more step to bringing the entire Alberta wrestling scene closer together, which is something that was a goal of mine with the Canadian Wrestling Coalition. RCW has run in Red Deer before, so they understand the passion the fans here have for independent wrestling. We’re excited that our badass band of rebels can continue to be part of the Red Deer wrestling scene for years to come.”

According to a release sent out by RCW ownership, the shows will feature a combination of RCW and CWC wrestlers, including Pride, Envy, and Xander Price. In addition, the former will see his CWC Alberta Championship and RCW Juniorweight Championship unified into the Alberta Juniorweight Championship. Pride will retain the now-singular title. As of this point, nothing has been mentioned in regard to either the CWC Heavyweight or Tag Team Championships.

The move combines two of the most talented rosters in the province. More importantly, it’s proof that RCW and the former CWC are serious about opening the doors in Alberta wrestling and continue to build upon an outstanding 2018.

Buckle up, Albertan wrestling fans - April can’t come soon enough.

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