PCW's Jay Walker Dives Into the Firefly Funhouse

There’s a reason that PCW Canadian Champion Jay Walker is known as the Social Media Superstar.  Whether it be his weekly YouTube series “Unhack’d” or his seemingly-endless online interactions with fans, Walker is quite easily one of the most visible figures in independent wrestling. That’s never been more evident than it was on Sunday, as Walker broke down the highly-acclaimed Firefly Funhouse match between “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and John Cena. His scene-by-scene breakdown of Sunday’s ‘Mania matchup has earned rave reviews throughout the professional wrestling scene for its detailed analysis into one of the most unique matches in WWE history.

Take a look for yourself:

First, Walker takes a look at the entire reason for the match happening - WrestleMania 30.

Though Cena’s debut was impressive, it almost wasn’t enough to keep him within the confines of the WWE. In fact, Cena was reportedly nearly fired before reinventing himself into the Doctor of Thuganomics. As Walker points out, however, the character shift could have been a colossal failure - something that Wyatt capitalized on in the midst of their match.

Now, we return to the crux of the feud: WrestleMania 30.

Not only did Cena fail to allow a new talent to shine, says Walker, but he failed to explore another opportunity to try something new. Yet again, he played it safe - something that the Fiend exploited.

Even Wyatt himself was ostensibly impressed by Walker’s breakdown.

There’s no doubt that Walker’s in-depth analysis adds a whole new layer to what’s certainly one of the most intriguing pro wrestling matches of all-time. Said Walker in a quote to the WCSN:

“It’s weird. I just appreciate great storytelling. So the fact that the world appreciated something as “out there” as this was, is great to see! It goes to show that wrestling is continuously evolving because the audience is willing to open their minds. I love it!”

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