Conversations With Love 93: A Conversation With TY Jackson

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Today I’m joined by Monster Pro Wrestling star TY Jackson! As we get closer to MPW’s return on August 8th, TY and I chat about the impending show and go through his career inside the squared circle. Tune in for the full conversation, including:

  • Monster Pro Wrestling’s upcoming show on August 8th
  • Breaking out as a singles wrestler for the first time
  • Shaking the stigma of being a “tag team guy”
  • Cutting his first live promo
  • The importance of social media in a pro wrestling setting
  • First breaking into professional wrestling
  • How he feels he’s grown as a professional wrestler
  • The influence working with KB6 has had on his career
  • Differences between working in front of a new crowd versus MPW’s fanbase
  • What differentiates Monster Pro Wrestling from the rest of Alberta’s promotions
  • What he wants to see from MPW in the future

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Conversations With Love 93: A Conversation With TY Jackson

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