Conversations With Love 91: A Conversation With the Bouncers

A brand-new Conversations With Love is LIVE!

Today I chat with one of professional wrestling’s most entertaining tag teams, the Bouncers! Tune in as I crack a cold one with the Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas as we go inside and outside of the squared circle in our wide-ranging conversation touching on:

  • What they’re drinking!
  • Using the downtime to create new content
  • The best and worst drinkers in Ring of Honor
  • Working for ROH through the pandemic
  • Embracing the entertainment side of sports entertainment
  • Tag team vs singles wrestling
  • Coming together following a match against each other
  • Their dream tag opponents in ROH
  • The differences for Bruiser in working with Brian Milonas and Silas Young
  • Meeting the Rock & Roll Express
  • Learning from legends of the business
  • Their respective training with Harley Race and Killer Kowalski
  • How their trainers would feel about their gimmick
  • Their opportunity with the NWA

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Conversations With Love 91: A Conversations with the Bouncers

The best and worst drinkers in Ring of Honor

Spencer Love: “Awesome to hear, guys. Now, I have to ask: you guys had a hell of a beer-drinking contest with Joe Hendry. I’m gonna put you guys on the spot here a little bit: who is the best drinker in Ring of Honor - outside of yourselves - and who’s the worst?”

Beer City Bruiser: “Oh geez.”

Brian Milonas: “You think Jay Briscoe?”

Beer City Bruiser: “I was gonna say, Jay Briscoe is up there. We’ve gone toe-to-toe with Jay Briscoe. Session Moth Martina, she holds her own. We’ve always tried - we have this little going contest with us where we try to see you can drink the most between Brian, myself, and Martina, and we always run out of beer. It’s never one of us taps out. We just run out of beer.”

Spencer Love: “Everybody wins at the end of the day!”

Beer City Bruiser: “Exactly, and there’s been a few times with Jay Briscoe has been in there with us, and it’s just (like) ‘okay, he can go!’ I think the worst would probably Flip Gordon. Yeah, it took him six hours to finish a beer one time.”

Brian Milonas: “Yeah, yeah. I think nobody will top Flip Gordon.”

Coming together because of wrestling each other

Spencer Love: “Which is kind of funny considering the reason you two guys came together was because you wrestled each other in Ring of Honor.”

Brian Milonas: “Yeah, it really was. Yeah, the anniversary of that just passed, and I just know that because it came up on like social media, like Facebook or whatever. So it was funny. Yeah, I think people saw the chemistry that we had in the ring together and it just clicked and made sense for a lot of folks. They’re like ‘Hey, why don’t we team these guys?'”

Beer City Bruiser: “I call it our Stepbrothers moment where after we got punching each other in the face, we looked each other in the eye (like) ‘did we just become best friends?’”

Brian Milonas: “Yep!”

Spencer Love: “’You like to drink? Yep.’”

Brian Milonas: “The funny thing is too like I’d been around a little bit and this and that, and we had already hit - it’s funny, we’d already kind of hit it off already anyways, so it was just like this natural kind of progression of whenever the shows I was around before I was on full time, Bruiser was already somebody I would gravitate to and talk to and hang out with. So, it kind of worked out pretty well.”

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