Conversations With Love 92: A Conversation With Brad Myers

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Today I’ve got the pleasure of chatting with Smash Wrestling commentator and referee Brad Myers! Don’t miss out as I talk shop with the multi-talented Ontarian about his career inside and outside of professional wrestling, including:

  • How he’s kept himself busy throughout the pandemic
  • The origins of Backyard Pro
  • The current state of the Ontarian wrestling scene
  • How he first fell in love with pro wrestling
  • Always having an interest in commentary
  • Some of his personal favourite matches to call
  • Taking back the word ‘mark’
  • If he ever had the desire to be a full-time pro wrestler
  • Our favourite types of sandwiches
  • A Not-So-Wrestling-Podcast
  • The COVID Cup
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers
  • What he feels makes a great commentary team
  • Calling shows by himself
  • How he got into refereeing
  • The importance of having a great referee

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Conversations With Love 92: A Conversations with Brad Myers

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