Conversations With Love 95: A Conversation With Spaceman Beri Grayson

A brand-new Conversations With Love is LIVE!

Today I‚Äôm joined by one of the rising stars of the Albertan wrestling scene,¬†“Spaceman” Beri Grayson! Tune in as I chat with the Spaceman about his time inside the squared circle, life throughout the pandemic and more in his first-ever appearance on Conversations With Love. Tune in for more on:

  • His upcoming shows with Canadian Wrestling‚Äôs Elite
  • The experience of wrestling in his home town of Grande Prairie
  • Danny Duggan¬†putting him over in a recent interview
  • Differences between wrestling in Alberta‚Äôs major cities versus smaller towns
  • Never having an “off” night as a babyface
  • Lance Storm‚Äôs¬†influence on his character
  • Being bad at dancing
  • How his experiences training at Storm and with Michael Richard Blais differed
  • His early experiences as a referee in Force Pro Wrestling
  • How he got booked for his first match
  • How he‚Äôs changed as a wrestler in the two years since his debut
  • Some of his biggest influences in pro wrestling
  • Teaming with¬†Psicosis¬†and¬†Juventud Guererra
  • How it felt working for Force Pro Wrestling last year
  • Working with¬†the Titan
  • The status of the PWA

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Conversations With Love 95: A Conversations with Spaceman Beri Grayson

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