Dear Paul,

Hi, it’s me…Indiana. How you doing? I’m doing ok. Kinda sad, after getting swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. We were sooooo close! They only beat us by 16 combined points, and they’re the defending World Champions, so we must be close…..right?

I’m sort of happy that we did get to sneak in to the playoffs together. Yes, it was a close call, having to win our last 5 regular season games just to punch our ticket. Frankly, I was a little worried we’d even make it in, but hey, thank goodness the Miami Heat stunk so bad in the first half. Even their 30-11 second half couldn’t catch us!

What did you think of our regular season? When I think back of our year together, well, it leaves me a little unsatisfied. Being completely honest, it leaves me a little scared of our future together.

I know a 42-40 season isn’t sexy, but considering your best teammate was Jeff Teague, that’s pretty good! Jeff was a pretty good pickup: he gave us 15.3 ppg and 7.8 apg, and he barely cost us $8 million….that’s a bargain in today’s game. He’s only 28. He’s in his prime. But now, we have to pay him, or he’ll leave us. You think you can talk to him? Tell him how nice Indiana is to live in, how much the fans are die-hard basketball fans. We’re home to the Hoosiers! We get to wear those cool Hickory jerseys! That should be enough, shouldn’t it? Larry Legend says we have to work under a budget, so let’s hope he’ll stay for a reasonable amount.

You gotta like Myles Turner. Two years in, and he looks like he could be an All-Star, just like you! He just needs someone to show him the ropes a little bit more. What more could you want from a 21yr old who gets you 14.5 ppg and 7.3 rpg? He’s just old enough to vote! Give him another year, and imagine what he’ll do to protect the rim for us!

Aren’t you happy that Lance Stephenson came back? I mean, what was he thinking when he left in the first place? He clearly plays his best ball here with us in Indiana. That boy is cray cray, but hey, he’s our cray cray now 🙂

Now, the rest of the team….well, they try hard, don’t they? Ok, maybe not during Game 2 versus the Cavaliers, but these guys do grind hard during the year.

  • Al Jefferson and CJ Miles are getting up there, but they make you feel young! It’s great to have some old man strength up front.
  • Glenn Robinson III won the Slam Dunk Championship. Maybe that will boost him up a level. It worked for Zach Levine (minus the knee injury).
  • Thaddeus Young and Monta Ellis are solid NBA vets, who can still contribute. Not consistently, mind you, but that gives you more chances to pad the stats!

I know it’s tough for you right now. Other teams want to sign you already, even though you’re not a free agent till 2018. Magic Johnson is recruiting you on late night TV, dropping hints and wink winks to you.

Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers are your hometown team, but have you seen what they have on that roster? It’s just a bunch of young pups. Young and lost. Lakerland is not as sexy as the state of Indiana, I swear.

Maybe I can bring in someone to help you out. I’d have to get creative and clear some space, but let’s pretend I can do it. So, who’s out there this year that you want to see in Pacer yellow with you?

Blake Griffin? Chris Paul? Kyle Lowry? Gordon Hayward feels like he should be a Pacer!

I’ll push for you to get that All-NBA team nod so you can get that super-max extension. A $200 mil contract is just another reason to stay in the Hoosier State.

Help is on the way. I’ll find a way to do it. Indiana needs you. PG-13 belongs here.

Let’s go into 2017-18 ready to get back into the Top 4. LeBron James respects you and I do too. We’re so close. Please don’t leave me, Paul.



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Paul George, Please Don’t Leave Us

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