Monday Night Hayden: Predictions for 16/10/17 RAW

It has been a very interesting week for WWE.

Before that, a brief introduction. My name is Hayden Love, and I will be publishing my predictions for Monday Night RAW through WinColumn from now on. Like all other contributors, I have my favourites (and my least favourites), but I try to remain impartial lest I step on anyone’s toes (or snap anyones fingers, Marty Scurll style).

That said, let’s talk about the greatest sport known to Mankind and what will (possibly) unfold on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW!

A Quick Recap

  • The Shield reunites, decimates Miz, Braun Strowman, Cesaro & Sheamus. Handicap match made official for TLC
  • Mickie James/Alexa Bliss made official for TLC
  • Bray Wyatt is now transgender(?)
  • Emma/Asuka made official for TLC, after Emma wins Fatal 5 Way
  • KALISTO def. Enzo Amore for Cruiserweight Title.

This Week’s Predictions


TLC is this Sunday. WWE should be pulling out all the stops to draw some eyes to the PPV. So why do they resort to lunancy instead of moderately interesting television? I guess the two are mutually exclusive for them now.

The Shield v. Miz, Strowman, Sheamus & Cesaro

I can’t really be mad at this. I only really starting watching WWE on a weekly basis following the 2015 Royal Rumble, so I have never seen the Shield working as a unit. Much criticism has come to reforming them to face a ragtag unit of Miz, Brong McStrongMan, and Sheamus and Cesaro as opposed to a cohesive team like the former Bullet Club (G&A, Styles/Balor). Moreover, they place them in a handicap match. Weird or what?

That said, I feel like it’s as good a time as any to bring a certain someone into the fold.


How better to even the odds? Who better to stack up to Strowman? Although the Demon Kane may be past his “prime”, he’s still a demon from hell, and he can kick some ass. And yes, you may say “Kane is still drafted to Smackdown! Live”, but do you really think a goddamn demon exists within the confines of brand exclusivity? His brother, The Undertaker, did not, and I see no reason the Big Red Machine will either. Only one way to find out!

Mickie James/Alexa Bliss

I don’t really care that much, so I don’t have much to say. I have no doubt this will be a decent match, but who cares? Probably another backstage segment followed by an in-ring promo, finished with an in-ring brawl. Cool!


Again… how much less can someone care about a program?

A terribly generated graphic over Wyatt’s face is supposed to convince we, the WWE universe, that he/his (she/hers? Xe/xers? Whatever. I have no time for that anyhow) is now a force to be reckoned with? Boo, Bray Wyatt, boo.

YouTube screenshot

Common sense dictates that Sister Abigail will use xer/xeir newfound powers to triumph over Balor and bring this program to a close. But again, you’re looking at putting Wyatt over (debatably) the biggest money prospect to ever come through NXT in Finn Balor. Balor isn’t lost for momentum, but he’s certainly lost for direction. Losing his first “real” program after coming back from injury will rob him of some of that momentum. That said, I feel like the time is ripe to bring back a certain someone… someone (or something) that may have a bone to pick with the so called “demon”.

Once again, yes.

It’s a sensible move. It gives Wyatt  a win, and gives Balor a feud going into Survivor Series. Need I say more? I think not.

Kalisto, Neville, Amore, and the State of the Cruiserweights

Alright, here’s where it TRULY gets interesting.

If rumours are to be believed, Neville has split. And if rumours are to be believed, this is a HUGE blow not only to the Cruiserweight Division, but to the roster as a whole. I won’t pretend like I’ve followed Neville’s career step by step. I’ve watched a few of his notable matches, but I’m by no means obsessed with the guy.

But he is incredible.

He’s built like a machine, but is probably the quickest man on the roster. He is debatably the most agile as well, held only to Rich Swann and Gran Metalik. And with his character maturing over the past few months, you could call him the complete package. I mean, have you got any complaints about the guy?

Add in the idea that the belt switch was a last minute call predicated on Neville’s walking out, and you can see why he’s dissatisfied. I mean, Enzo Amore? Credit where it’s due, the guy is a banger on the mic, but he sucks major ass in every other sense of the word. Even outside of the WWE Universe - watch him Sneaker Shopping with Complex. It’s probably worse than the episode with Bella “Beat” Hadid

Ok, probably not. But it holds a candle.

You have in your hands a guy who elevates the title like none of the 3 champions before him, and he loses to Amore. Sad! I wouldn’t be happy either. Honestly, I’d be pretty angry as well.

But keep in mind, this is all based on external speculations. It could just be for storytelling purposes. WWE staff is not stupid. They are aware that information and future plans are becoming publicly known, and they could very well be making false information known to whomever is publishing it. Maybe Neville returns tomorrow? Maybe he pops up on Smackdown in a few weeks or a few months? Or maybe he really has called it quits. Whatever the case may be, my interest is piqued, and I’m turning in tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all next Monday! Check out our social media @WCSportsCA and mine at @hlovemillionair


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