Ladies and gentleman, baseball fans of all ages, please allow me to introduce you to the Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club (ECBC). For clarity sake, for those who know the Edmonton Prospects as a college baseball team, the ECBC play in a different league and have a different focus. The timing of the ECBC league, the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC), works perfectly with the schedule of the Prospects league of the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL), allowing them to play out of RE/MAX Field.

Before answering any questions about the new baseball team in town let’s first share the lowdown on the league they play:

The CCBC, a division of the Premier Baseball Association, is an independent college baseball league that is affiliated with institutions from The BC College Athletic Association and educational institutions from Alberta. The Board of Directors of the CCBC recognizes that academic achievement is critically important to the student athletes, the baseball programs, and the respective university or college. Athletes must realize they are a student first and then a baseball player as referenced by student-athlete.SOURCE

Edmonton Collegiate is the 7th team in the league joining Okanagan College, Prairie Baseball Academy, Thompson Rivers University, Vancouver Island University, University of Fraser Valley and the University of Calgary.

I spoke with the ECBC General Manager Brenden Wiun and Coach Ethan Elias to learn more about the Club by asking the 5 basic W questions. All answers are a mishmash of quotes from both Wiun and Elias.


Student Athletes from Grant MacEwan, U of A, Concordia, and NAIT make up our team. Central Alberta athletes with possible Saskatchewan athletes in the future. As with any collegiate program, we are here to help open future doors for our athletes.


The only northern Alberta club that provides an opportunity for athletes to stay local. Same age, same rules as Prospects. Non-profit organization that will have free admission for their games and free parking.

I’ll repeat that last in it’s own paragraph because that’s mind-blowing to me: games will have “free admission for their games and free parking”!

Games are typically played in doubleheaders. Both games will be 9 innings in length with a 1 hour break in the middle.

There will not be any traditional concession stands but fun details about the game will come out closer to game days. Outside food and drink will be allowed with the obvious restrictions. No peanuts or sunflower seeds to keep the ballpark safe for people with severe allergies. No outside alcohol will be permitted into the ballpark.


RE/MAX Field.


4 road exhibition games will be played March 16 and 17. The regular season starts the weekend of March 23rd. The boys do not get to play a home until April 13th!

Complete home schedule (all game times subject to change):

  • Saturday, April 13 doubleheader vs Thompson Rivers University . Game 1 at 12PM, game 2 to follow an hour later.
  • Sunday, April 14 doubleheader vs Thompson Rivers University. Game 1 at 11AM, game 2 to follow an hour later.
  • Saturday, April 20 doubleheader vs Prairie Baseball Academy. Game 1 at 12PM, game 2 to follow an hour later.
  • Sunday, April 21 doubleheader vs Prairie Baseball Academy. Game 1 at 11AM, game 2 to follow an hour later.
  • Wednesday, April 24 doubleheader vs University of Calgary. Game 1 at TBA, game 2 to follow an hour later.
  • Friday, April 26 doubleheader vs University of Calgary. Game 1 at TBA, game 2 to follow an hour later.

Playoff schedule begins Thursday May 9th.


To promote the game of baseball. To afford an opportunity for athletes that could not afford to travel aboard. It creates dates and activity to the Park. For the love of the game.

Stay tuned to Win Column and to the ECBC website for more updates as the weather warms up and the games get closer.


5 W’s Answered About The Edmonton Collegiate Baseball Club

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