Wednesday, October 4th, is a prime example of a day that promiscuous sports fans need to plan ahead!

Promiscuous, it’s not just a word with sexual connotations, it’s an adjective that can describe many sports fans. The word promiscuous means “demonstrating or implying an undiscriminating or unselective approach”.

On nights that your favorite team, the one team you would never “cheat” on is not playing, what is a fan to do? Some fans refuse to watch another team in the same sport while others develop respect for another team or two and watch them on off days. Some (dare I say most) fans watch multiple sports to keep their calendars full. Please spare me the chest thumping I only ever watch one team, one sport - you’re embarrassing yourself! 

You have the NL Wild Card beginning 6PM MST, a slate of NBA exhibition games beginning at 5PM MST and the NHL staggering their first four games of the 2017-18 season throughout the evening. How does one prioritize the evening?

Trevor Elliott:  Football is #1, priority is best match-ups. I’ll watch NHL sporadically through the season and religiously during the playoffs. I don’t pay attention to MLB until the playoffs. I watch March Madness religiously, but NBA is not worth my time. I’ll watch the Oilers opening ceremonies and then switch to the Wild Card.

Ben Grieco: I’m all hockey all the time. I attempt to watch NFL, and occasionally watch a baseball game or two. However, I’m usually swamped with high school sports or college sports.

Joshua Berube: I watch Pats on Sunday, unless there is a playoff game on in the MLB. MLB Playoffs beat out everything! Then Celtics, then Bruins.

Here’s my breakdown of how Wednesday night will go down for me:

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5PM MT: The Cleveland Cavaliers begin their preseason game. No I’m not a Cavs fan but I am curious to see Dwyane Wade in Cleveland colours. The on-court reunion with LeBron James, after they were apart for three years, will have to wait as James is nursing a sore ankle. The circulating rumour that Kevin Love will be the starting center over Tristan Thompson is further proof the “Kardashian Curse” is real people!

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6PM MT: The National League Wild Card game between the Colorado Rockies, featuring NL batting champion Charlie Blackmon and should be NL MVP Nolan Arenado, versus the Arizona Diamondbacks, featuring the still under-rated Paul Goldschmidt and Chase Field loving trade deadline acquisition J.D. Martinez. Tasked with trying to keep the ball in the park are the Rockies young ace Jon Gray and the DBacks 14 year vet Zack Greinke.

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Post Ballgame: The NHL Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. This game is also a great night cap game for “hockey only” fans who finished watching the Pittsburgh Penguins begin their defense of the Stanley Cup. A smooth transition from the current #1a player in the world in Sidney Crosby to the the #1b player in the world Connor McDavid.

What’s your Wednesday night plan look like?


The Promiscuous Sports Fan Guide To Wednesday October 4th

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