With just over a week left until the regular season opens, Win Column Sports continues its fantasy player breakdown with the Top 12 Right Wingers for your NHL fantasy draft.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 1 - Patrick Kane – Chicago Blackhawks

Patrick Kane has tallied 752 points in 740 games since entering the NHL in 2007/08, averaging 1.02 points per game. Only two players have tallied more points since Patrick Kane entered the league – Alexander Ovechkin (837) and Sidney Crosby (805). Look for Kane to score 50 goals this season and add another 55 assists.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 2 – Nikita Kucherov – Tampa Bay Lightning

Nikita Kucherov has established himself as one of the NHL’s premiere offensive weapons, stepping up his game last season in the absence of Steve Stamkos. Kucherov tallied 40 goals and 45 assists in 2016/17, good for 1.15 points per game. With a healthy Stamkos this season, Kucherov could be part of an electric top line for the Lightning. Look for Kucherov to score 35 and add 50 assists this season.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 3 – Vladimir Tarasenko – St Louis Blues

Tarasenko has been a consistent producer over the past three season, averaging 38 goals and 35 assists. Tarasenko should be in line for similar production this season.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 4 – Patrik Laine – Winnipeg Jets

Patrik Laine had a fantastic rookie season for the Winnipeg Jets, scoring 36 goals and adding 28 assists over 73 games. Laine gave Auston Matthews a run for the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year and could have an even better sophomore season if he can stay healthy. Look for an uptick in production from Laine with 40 goals and 35 assists.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 5 – Blake Wheeler – Winnipeg Jets

Wheeler is entering his tenth season, eighth with the Jets. At 31, Wheeler is still capable of producing 70 points a season, but rising superstar limits Wheeler’s ceiling as Laine is sure to get a bigger share of ice time on the top line. Expectations must be tempered, but Wheeler should score 26 and add another 44 assists.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 6 – Phil Kessel – Pittsburgh Penguins

Kessel has been effective in Pittsburgh where the weight of the team is not solely on his shoulders. Kessel will continue to be a consistent producer when playing on the right side with Sidney Crosby. Expect 25 goals and 40 assists.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 7 – William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs

Williams Nylander became a regular producer in his 2016/17 sophomore season, scoring 22 goals and adding 39 assists. Nylander found his zone after the All-Star break, bumping his production from 0.67 points per game to 0.86 points per game and should see a further improvement in his production this season. Look for 25 goals and 45 assists in 2017/18.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 8 – Joe Pavelski – San Jose Sharks

Joe Pavelski’s production has cycled between 70 and 80 points per season over the past four seasons. Dipping to 0.84 points per game in 2016/17, this may possibly be the start of the decline for the 33-year old. Nevertheless, 30 goals and 40 assists should still be attainable by this veteran.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 9 – David Pastrnak – Boston Bruins

David Pastrnak’s production exploded in 2016/17, with 34 goals and 36 assists. Expectations must be tempered for this 21-year old phenome. Another 70-point season is reasonable, but this may be the ceiling for Pastrnak as the Bruins struggle to keep up with the playoff race.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 10 – Wayne Simmonds – Philadelphia Flyers

The new Broad Street Bully has been a consistent 30 goal scorer over the past four seasons. With the Flyers’ offensive struggles, it is no surprise that half of Simmonds’ goals regularly come with the man advantage. Simmonds’ production took a major hit after the All-Star break, only scoring 16 of his points through the last 32 games of the 2016/17 season. The Flyers volatile production will depend on Simmonds to return to his 60-point production. Look for 30 goals and 25 assists from Simmonds this season.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 11 – Cam Atkinson – Columbus Blue Jackets

Cam Atkinson has experienced significant improvement in each of the past two seasons, finishing with 35 goals and 27 assists in 2016/17. Entering a contract season, Atkinson is likely to play on Panarin’s right side and could see another step up in production. Look for 35 goals and 35 assists this season.

NHL Fantasy Draft Right Winger 12 – T.J. Oshie – Washington Capitals

TJ Oshie stepped up his goal production moving from St Louis to Washington. The Capitals will need Oshie to maintain his production rates is the Caps want to take another run at the playoffs. Look for 30 goals and 25 assists from the veteran.

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Fantasy Focus – Top 12 Fantasy Draft Right Wingers

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