Are the Philadelphia Eagles fans planning the parade too soon?

Off the back of an amazing sophomore year from Carson Wentz the Eagles currently find themselves sitting at 10-2 and at the top of the NFC East.

But are the Philadelphia Eagles as good as everybody is making them out to be?

Let’s take a closer look at who they’ve played against and how they’ve performed in those games.

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On paper they are 10-2 and have one of the widest point margins in the NFL, but breaking down their wins, win by win tells a different story.

I first want to say that I completely agree with the statement of “You can only play against who you’re scheduled against” while that is completely true, and the Eagles are handling the opponents they should be handling. I personally do not think they’re as good as some fans are making them out to be.

The Case For

  • The Eagles pose the best Offense in the NFL this year with 361 points thru Week 13, they also have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.
  • Carson Wentz has been playing at a near MVP candidate level.
  • Their secondary is getting healthy again and their defense might be good enough to keep them in close during the playoffs.

The Case Against

  • Age. The Eagles are a very young team, while that has translated to a lot of talent, it personally worries me heading into the playoffs against veteran lead teams such as the Saints and the Patriots (if they get to the Superbowl).
  • While Wentz has played phenomenal this year, the Eagles run game has struggled even with the acquisition of Jay Ajayi from the Dolphins, this followed with a defense that isn’t good enough to win games on its own makes me worry. I do not think Carson Wentz is ready to win big games with his arm yet, evident in the Seahawks game in Week 13.
  • The NFC is going to be a complete bloodbath in the playoffs, we could see a total of six 10-win teams in the NFC playoffs, they do not have an easy road at all.

Just something to think about: While the Eagles are a great team, they’ve been helped with an extremely easy schedule and an Elliott-less Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles have the potential to do damage, but I don’t think fans should be marking out the parade route yet.

Tempered expectations going forward, the Eagles are going to be strong for years to come but give the young team a couple years to get the experience to win the big games.

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Parade in Philadelphia?
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