EDMONTON, AB - While the Edmonton Prospects may have given fans a first look at their 2019 roster last week, the team is still in the process of rounding out their squad in anticipation of their May 25th opener against the Lethbridge Bulls. 

“We do have a little bit of room left to add,” said Prospects head coach Jordan Blundell. “We’re not completely done signing yet, but if we were to go into the season with the roster we have today, we’d be happy. We’re confident we can put a good product on the field for our fans, and the group we have is good enough to compete as-is. That being said, we want to add some more pieces to that puzzle.”

In keeping with the theme of the offseason, Blundell has been actively recruiting from a number of high-quality college programs, including from his own alma mater in the University of Jamestown. As well, a number of signings were made from the Cloud County Community College program in Concordia, Kansas.

(Cloud County) is a program that’s steadily improved over the past few years; we’ve actually had a few players there previously, including Erik Sabrowski.” Blundell commented. “They have a lot to offer, and we’re excited about the players we were able to recruit out of the program.”

Two infielders and two outfielders make up the Prospects latest recruiting class, with Clayton Loranger (OF), Kyle Charchun (OF) and Davis Pratt (IF) representing the contingent from Cloud County. Catcher Dirk Eymundson is the Prospects lone signing from the University of Jamestown.

Clayton Loranger - OF

Recent recruit Clayton Loranger is entering his freshman year at Cloud County CC. “We’re really excited to see (Clay) potentially push some of our older players,” said Blundell on the signing. “He’s a competitive kid, and he gives an honest effort every time he’s (on the field).

The Sherwood Park native previously plied his trade for both the St. Albert Prospects and the Sherwood Park Athletics prior to committing to Cloud County.

“Clay’s got a chance to be a really good player,” Blundell continued. “He’s got a ton of tools at his disposal; Clay fights for what he gets, and he’s worked hard over the offseason to get stronger. I’m excited to see what he’s able to do with that; he’s not the biggest player on the field but as we’ve seen in MLB you can be either the biggest or smallest guy on the field and have some major power, size doesn’t matter.”

Kyler Charchun - OF

Kyler Charchun is the second Prospects recruit to join the team as a freshman from Cloud County. A former member of the Prospects Acadamy, the organization is more than familiar with the Camrose products high level of skill. While the 6’0 outfielder is more than adequate defensively, the Camrose product is well known for his powerful bat, something Blundell believes separates him from the pack.

“He’s a cerebral hitter; his patience at the plate is second to none at his age, and has the mental side of the game down pat. He’s got a mature approach to the game for a player his age. To have his kind of approach as he does at his age bode well for his future both here and in college.”

“We’re excited to see what he can do. At the end of the day, you need to hit pitches you can do damage with. (Kyler) is someone who can do that in spades.”

Davis Pratt - IF

Davis Pratt is a product of SAMBA Midget AAA that won a provincial championship in 2018. The 6’0 infielder is entering his Freshman year at Cloud County, and his wide range of abilities have Blundell excited about his potential.

“Davis is incredibly versatile,” commented the Prospects head coach. “He’s definitely put in the work in his first semester of being a student-athlete. He’s a reliable player. He plays the game the right way, and he cares about winning. It was an easy decision to bring him into the fold and give him an opportunity (in Edmonton). We’re excited to watch what he’s able to do and watch his progress here this spring.”

Dirk Eymundson - Catcher

Catcher Dirk Eymundson is the only recent signing not to come out of Cloud County; however, the University of Jamestown recruit is perhaps the most intriguing of the Prospects recent signings.

“If you were to design a catcher, you’d want a left-handed hitting catcher who’s strong behind the plate. That’s exactly what (Dirk) is,” remarked Blundell. “He’s developed well in calling the game and developing a rapport with pitchers, which is a tough thing to find. You can’t really teach that, and he’s shown the ability to make pitchers better. He’s going to push some of the older catchers we have signed as well.”

“He’s a competitive kid with a ton of talent, and he checks off a lot of the boxes we’re looking for.”

Building for the Future

While the Prospects goal is a WCBL Championship, many of the clubs recent signings are also made with an eye to the future, said Blundell.

“These kids are all just embarking on their first year of college baseball so we hope they’re not only the present but the future of the program. As they mature as student-athletes and get better at the game of baseball, it bodes well for the foundation (of the Prospects).”

Short Swings:
  • Tickets for the WCBL All-Star Game on July 7th in Edmonton are now available through the WCBL website.
  • The Prospects are currently promoting their Fireworks Pack and “Bring Your Dad” Pack tickets, now available online.
  • A reminder that the annual Edmonton Prospects Gala will be taking place on Saturday, February 16th at Fort Edmonton Park. Buck Martinez, John Short and Kent Morrison are all confirmed to attend this year’s event.
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