Conversations With Love 55: A Conversation With Gigi Rey

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On the latest brand-new episode of Conversations With Love, Spencer gets the first-ever exclusive interview with the PWA Women’s Champion, Gigi Rey! Tune in for the champ’s first-ever interview as she goes over her wrestling career thus far, including:

  • Her reaction to winning the PWA Women’s Championship
  • What inspired her love of pro wrestling
  • Favourite wrestlers
  • How wrestling has changed for her since starting training
  • Stepping into the ring for the first time
  • Where she’s developed the most as a wrestler
  • What makes training with Force Pro Wrestling so unique
  • If stepping into the ring was always a goal
  • How her wedding impacted her training
  • Her initial reaction to finding out she’d be wrestling her first match
  • Goals in professional wrestling

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Conversations With Love 55: A Conversation With Gigi Rey

Wrestling in her first match:

“To be honest, it kind of still feels like a dream. Nothing really felt, like, real about it. Everything kind of happened so fast. It kind of was like, on Wednesday I found out I was going to be in this match and then on Saturday it was happening and I kind of just went down from there.”

“I thought they were joking. I thought they were ribbing me. I even asked them, I looked around at everyone. I’m like, ‘is this a joke?’ (I) literally started wrestling in October and so then to be put in that position and to go over like that was, it was insane.”

Future goals in pro wrestling:

“Well, for Gigi Ray, the ultimate goal obviously would be to make it to the WWE. I think if that’s not your goal, like I don’t know, I don’t know what you’re doing here. That’s kinda like the ultimate goal, which would be awesome. But in the meantime, I’m just so happy just to be out there, to be training with some really, really great girls and guys that have been totally awesome.”

“I want to be on more of the PWA shows. I still haven’t made my Force Pro Wrestling debut, which is kind of weird cause I kinda feel like I’m like Force Pro Wrestling, homegrown talent. But my first match was with PWA. I really just want to see wherever wrestling can take me. I’ve always wanted, like, outside of wrestling to travel to Japan, so if I ever get the opportunity to go wrestle in Japan, I think that would be like - that’s probably near the top of my list as well. I think that would be really cool.”

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