Conversations With Love 54: A Conversation With Davey O'Doyle

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On this week’s brand-new episode of Conversations With Love, Spencer chats with former PWA Tag Team Champion and one-half of the League, Davey O’Doyle! Don’t miss out on the Sask Boy’s first-ever full-length appearance on the WCSN as the two discuss O’Doyle’s career thus far, including:

  • Main-eventing Force Pro Wrestling: The Return
  • Not overpreparing for promos
  • Standing out as an independent wrestler
  • Comparisons to Arn Anderson
  • Training without the use of the top rope
  • Playing football in high school
  • Training with High Impact Wrestling
  • How he felt stepping into the ring for the first time
  • If he felt ready for his first match
  • Training with the New Japan dojo
  • Why NJPW is his goal promotion
  • Wrestling as Davey O’Batista at the Clandestine Society show
  • Mick Foley: Official League Member
  • Working as both a babyface and a heel
  • The League

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Conversations With Love 54: A Conversation With Davey O’Doyle

Training with the New Japan Dojo:

“The thing is like you send in an application, so like, I assume if they think like, ‘Oh man, like look at this guy this out of shape, blobby dude, they’re like, I assume they probably didn’t want to just take like anybody, but you applied and then you paid your money to go.”

“So, I applied and then I told Shaun, because he went the year before, I was like, you should come to this one. So he was like, yeah, we should go. We’ll make a trip. So we drove from Regina the full - like I guess we took a break in between - but it’s a 24-hour drive to Los Angeles. So it’s just me and Shaun driving through the vastness that is like Montana, the forever state that takes forever to get through. It’s not that flat. It’s just so big. It’s forever. We’re sitting there like getting through every Star Wars, Lord of the rings, wrestling, Marvel movies like superhero conversation we can get through, cause we were like nerds like that I guess, but we’re still in Montana. Like the miles just keep ticking down. I can’t believe this.”

“So we stopped for the night. Then we keep driving, whatever, we get to LA. Cool. We get to the hotel. Sick. Shaun’s been here before so he knows. He gave me a little heads up of what it was, but just like going in there into the dojo was surreal, man. It’s so clean. They keep it so pristine. And you get there and like you just work right. The first bit of the day you work, they want to work. You do squats, lion pushups, like circuits of workouts. It’s a lot, man. And then like in the afternoon, if you can make that an afternoon or you’re learning stuff, so it’s great. At the end of the day it was, it was hard. It was like one of the hardest things I’ve done. But it was fantastic. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Davey O’Batista:

“So that’s like a weird thing where like - so the matchmakers, the powers that be were like gathering of guys and asking like, ‘Hey, what would you guys kinda like to do? This is like no rules. Like, let’s do this.’ And I remember like - I’ll straight up say like, I’m like the biggest fan of Batista I know, man, like that was my guy growing up forever. And I’ve always had just a little joke with the HIW promoter King Kash, like, ‘Hey man, when are you gonna let me be a little ‘Tista?’ It’s like, ‘ah, I don’t know, you’ll never be like little ‘Tista. Maybe on, like, a fair show or something. Fair show comes - ‘so little ‘Tista today? No, we need O’ Doyle.’ Okay. Well, whatever.”

“So I say like if this is just like anything ever, something fun, like I want to be, let me be Batista, I think I would be a good Batista. And they’re like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So, Jack Pride comes on board and he’s like, ‘yeah, Chris Jericho, man!’ So me and him, we were like, ‘yeah, this could be something, you know?’

“Weirdly enough, in my opinion, like Jericho and Batista haven’t had that many really good matches. They’ve had a couple, but like for some reason, I just don’t think their chemistry is really great. So like, in my mind, I was like, ‘man, we can actually do something legit, right?’.

“I pretty much had, not even gonna lie, I had a lot of the Batista stuff down. But like, I went back and rewatched some of it and he’s like, fantastic, but also like clumsy a little bit, and he does, like, weird stutter steps in places and I’m just like, ‘yeah, you know what? I think I can do this.’ So, I go watch and I practice little steps here and there.”

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