VERNON, BC: The WCSN is proud to announce the Okanagan Wrestling Review, a site focussed on the independent wrestling promotions in BC’s Okanagan Valley, has joined the Network as it’s first-ever British Columbian contributor.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with the Okanagan Wrestling Review,” commented WCSN owner Spencer Love. “There are few that bring the passion and work ethic to covering professional wrestling that the OWR does, and we’re thrilled that the WCSN can expand into in-depth coverage of the world-renowned professional wrestling scene in British Columbia.”

The Okanagan Wrestling Review was founded in 2018 by life-long professional wrestling fan Rough Waters. Based out of Vernon, BC, the OWR provides in-depth coverage of the Okanagan Valley’s professional wrestling scene. As the site’s sole content provider, Waters covers live pro wrestling events, conducts interviews with professional wrestlers, and delivers news for both independent and international promotions.

Currently, the Okanagan Wrestling Review is available through Facebook and YouTube, with both channels updated regularly. Additional content covering the British Columbian wrestling scene will be available exclusively through the WCSN in the near future.

For additional information, please contact WCSN owner Spencer Love at [email protected].

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